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Capture, Create & Catalog with Bridge Video Training Platform

Bridge Advanced Video is a powerful tool that provides users with an enhanced video learning experience that is easy to use, quick to deploy and loved by learners and authors alike. Strong video learning content is critical for retaining top talent and providing meaningful engagement with employees.

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What You Can Do With Bridge Advanced Video

The most sophisticated features of any video learning platform on the market.

Content Management

Upload Caption Files

Auto Translation

Auto Captioning

Time Stamped Commenting

Auto Encode Video

Video Trimming

Multimedia File Share

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Effortless Video Capture

Record new content in seconds or simply drag and drop to upload existing files. Either way, Bridge Advanced Video can help you capture and share knowledge and expertise effortlessly.

Trim, Polish, Publish

You are so amazing at what you, you always get correct the first time, right? 

Well for the rest of us, Bridge Advanced Video offers an intuitive native video editor built right in. Trim videos, edit chapters, and add video bookmarks.

In-moment Commenting

Take learner engagement to a new heights with in-moment commenting. Creators can prompt questions at critical moments and learners can answer or comment in real-time. With Bridge Advanced Video everyone becomes part of the discussion.

Auto Captioning and Translation

No captioning? No problem. Our video learning platform offers auto captioning with an accompanying caption editor so you're always sending the right message. Plus you can choose from hundreds of languages for auto translation, saving you time and money. 

Side by Side Slide Share

Say that 10 times fast! Present related content on slides that appear side-by-side with your video content, enhancing learner engagement. Like watching a movie with popcorn, it's just better.

Multimedia Capabilities

Wait, a video learning platform that supports more than video?  That's right, PDFs, SCORM and eLearning courses, and even external lists are easily added to any video learning experience. 

Create a Playlist

Create a guided learning experience by curating videos into custom playlists. Learners can easily keep track of what they’ve watched and  revisit to watch it again.

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