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Training is everything in healthcare – from patient care and procedures to medical documentation, privacy and patient financial services. Bridge LMS can help you deliver onboarding and training programs that build a safe environment for staff, volunteers and patients alike.

The value Bridge has added in terms of learning and development satisfaction has been huge. It makes people feel valued, as though you care about their development and education, and that you’re trying to give them a sustainable, easy way to learn at their own pace.

Chris Christou Anaesthetic Intensive Doctor and L&D Administrator - NHS

Bridge Can Help You Create a Fulfilling Learning Experience for Healthcare Workers

Automate Onboarding & Training

Set training reminders, schedule certification renewals and control the flow of training. Automated learning pathways with Bridge Journeys ensure people aren't overwhelmed with too much training all at once.

Mobile Learning App

Medical professionals often spend more time on their feet than at a desk. Bridge’s mobile app makes learning available anytime, anywhere. The app will even work where there's limited or no WiFi.

Mandatory Training

Centralize compliance training materials and create or update content regularly. Check completion rates and engagement with Bridge Analytics

Reduce Turnover

Use Bridge performance management standalone or with the LMS to implement continuous feedback, track goals and conduct performance reviews. 

Simple To Use

Your medical staff needs a simple platform so they can complete their training quickly and get back to their patients. Bridge has won awards for its ease-of-use!

Bridge for Healthcare: FAQs

Yes! Bridge’s integrations streamline single sign-on (SSO) and authentication to connect video asset management, content providers and partners, and HRIS and HCMS integrations across devices. Bridge also offers open APIs.

Bridge is SCORM-compliant, allowing you to both import pre-built SCORM courses that integrate with your platforms or create your own. With Gomo content authoring, it’s easy to build, export, and distribute responsive eLearning courses that work seamlessly across systems.

Yes! Bridge’s mobile app creates a seamless experience across mobile and tablet on both Apple and Android devices and allows for offline learning. 

With full support for your learning library, including video, text, and images, learners have the freedom to learn how they want. Busy healthcare professionals can log in to complete assigned tasks while on the go.

Absolutely! Bridge’s focus on compliance, mobile learning, and external learners are some of the many reasons healthcare companies choose our platform. We work with the UK’s largest healthcare provider—the NHS (National Health Service), Gonzaba Medical Group, and teaching hospitals worldwide, among others, to deliver high-quality training.

Bridge’s user-centric software provides a seamless learning experience. Our intuitive LMS is designed to deliver high-quality training that keeps skills sharp, enhances clinical competencies, and puts people at the center of their own experience.

Resources for Healthcare

Planning the Perfect Mentorship Program

Discover what it takes to create a solid foundation for your mentorship program, from codes of conduct to goals and objectives.

Creating a Seamless Learning Experience for Front-Line Healthcare Workers

Find out how the NHS used Bridge’s LMS to upskill recently-qualified physicians during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to Create an Employee Engagement Action Plan

Find out how employee engagement action plans can help you uncover employee feedback and act upon insights to improve culture and drive business results.

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The support team is amazing, and the tool is so easy to use! I love the frequent product updates.

Melissa Papaconstantinou Education and Training Manager - AMD Medicom

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