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Organizations of all shapes and sizes need compliance training to meet regulatory requirements. Bridge’s intuitive learning management system is the most efficient way to complete compliance training because it’s so easy to use – for administrators and learners alike. As soon as your employees log in, they know exactly what to do (and when to do it!)

Bridge Learning Journeys

In addition to allowing us to control the compliance-driven content to ensure we meet certain thresholds, Bridge opened opportunities for each team to create a set of content that helped them automate and streamline their processes. And it increased our appetite for blended learning because anyone could create content.

Ashley Strickland Clemson University

Organizations of all Shapes and Sizes Need Employee Compliance Training - Bridge Can Help.

Measure Compliance Completion

Bridge Analytics allows you to easily access compliance training-related data. If a learner hasn’t quite finished a key course, you’ll know about it. You can even set email alerts and create custom reports to easily view course type, progression, due dates, and more.

Courses Delivered At The Right Time

Bridge Journeys helps you space out training so that learners aren't overloaded. You can "set it and forget it" to scale while saving time. Add other time-based events such as manager 1on1s, start/stop/continue feedback and checkpoints to create a comprehensive program.

Keep Compliance Content Updated

It's easy to make rapid changes to your compliance training with our built-in compliance course authoring tool —and our advanced authoring add-on allows you to go even further with professional templates. 

Compliance Mobile App

The Bridge mobile app allows people to complete mandatory training on the go. Even those with spotty internet can access offline SCORM courses. You have training options for all employees.

Compliance Training: FAQs

Yes with Bridge Journeys you can create fully configurable learning journeys that include employee-led, instructor-led, and evidence-based tasks delivered automatically and at appropriate intervals. Bridge allows teams to spread out the onboarding process in a manageable and memorable way.

Yes! Bridge’s integrations streamline single sign-on (SSO) and authentication, and frictionlessly connect to tools associated with ecommerce, video asset management, content providers and partners, as well as HRIS integrations. Bridge also offers open APIs.

Bridge allows organizations to train customers and partners outside of their organization, including contractors and temporary workers. We also offer unique pricing options for extended enterprise customers.

The Bridge mobile app enables on-the-go learning, and even allows for offline learning. This is ideal for employees that don’t regularly work in front of a computer but need to stay up to date on compliance training.

Bridge has an intuitive built-in course authoring tool that requires no prior instructional design experience. For organizations that want to take it to the next level, we have an advanced authoring tool. We offer a free bundle of content courses to get you started, and also have a number of off-the-shelf learning content options.

Bridge can help you get started with compliance fundamentals through our partnership with SafetyNow.

Compliance Training Resources

How Bridge Journeys Strengthens Compliance Training

Simplify compliance training with Bridge Journeys. Build learning pathways to automate reporting, keep up with changing requirements, and protect from risk.

Compliance Training: Are You Checking Every Box?

Download the ebook to learn how Compliance training can be an enriching experience that keeps your people safe, happy, and productive.

The First 3 Ingredients for Successful Mandatory Training

Compliance training is about more than avoiding fines. Discover how to boost your mandatory training with our 5-step approach.

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What’s really impressed me is that 100% of our learners are completing their learning, which I had never seen before in my career. That is just amazing. Bridge makes it so easy to learn

Jim Page Head of Learning & Talent Development - Catalant Technologies

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