Manage and Automate Complex Learning Paths

Discover the power of learning automation! Create custom learning journeys that deliver learning and development to the right people at the right time.

What You Can Do With Journeys


Starting at a new company can be overwhelming. There’s new tools to grasp, compliance training to take in, benefits enrollments to manage, and a lot of learning to digest.


Journeys lets you schedule smaller content releases—so you can deliver a welcome video on day one, execute a live training on day two, and deliver compliance training on day three.

Compliance Training

No company is exempt from delivering annual compliance training. Build Journeys based on groups (e.g. new hires or departments), enroll learners automatically, and stage out your courses.

Manager or Leadership Training

Journeys is a fantastic way to deliver leadership training. It’s ideal for building talent mobility and getting teams to collaborate and share ideas.


Use checkpoints to have your learners request skills feedback, schedule 1on1s, and participate in live training.

Skills Development

Developing a skill doesn’t happen overnight. Leverage journeys to help your employees learn new skills by spacing out courses and adding in other steps such as relevant programs, checkpoints, and live training sessions.


Plus, add a skills feedback step directly into the journey, prompting employees to seek feedback to measure what they’ve learned.

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Create Steps Within Journeys

Customize a Journey with Steps

There are six different types of steps you can have in a Journey (and here’s a few examples of how you'd use them):

  • Course - Create a single course on IT security 
  • Program - Build a "let's get acquainted" series with an overview of culture, executive team, and departments
  • Live training - Schedule a live meet and greet with the team
  • Checkpoint - Verify your new hire has completed benefits enrollment
  • Journey - Produce a longer version of the training specifically for managers 
  • Action - Ask individuals to schedule a 1on1 or request peer/manager feedback

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