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Being the best means being focused and dedicated, and that’s true for your whole team—no matter if they’re on the field, managing concession stands, or in the office. It’s not just your players who need to be at the top of their game—your seasonal and full-time staff do too! 

Onboard efficiently, keep on top of ever-expanding training requirements, develop employees, and upskill with Bridge. 

With no LMS in place prior to 2020, the Trail Blazers needed a way to centralize and automate their learning, and introduce better performance conversations.

Using Bridge's LMS and Performance Management, they were able to automate their onboarding and compliance training to streamline processes and achieve a 100% completion rate.

Portland Trailblazers

Before using Bridge, the Seattle Seahawks were using another LMS to deliver mandatory compliance training. However, they needed a platform that was easier to use, as it was difficult to train external staff.

In 2021, the Seahawks chose Bridge as it offered the simplicity, flexibility, and customization they needed to create and distribute training to all of their staff.

Seattle Seahawks

Automate Onboarding, Scale Training to Thousands and Develop Employees With Bridge.

Learning Pathways

Keep your learners on track by scheduling courses in automated, customizable intervals with Bridge Journeys.

Performance Reviews

Implement performance cycles to share wins and set goals, and use 1on1s to have regular performance conversations. 

Compliance Training

Automate mandatory training and scale it to thousands. Send training reminders via push notifications from the Bridge app.  

Seasonal Staff Training

You likely have full- and part-time staff that ramps when the season starts. Custom grouping ensures learners get the correct training. 

Live & On-Demand

Offer live trainings or easily record video training sessions from anywhere and post them in your learning library.

Track Completion

Access learning reporting and build dashboards to easily monitor compliance rates, learner retention and activity. 

Bridge for Pro Sports: FAQs

Bridge allows organizations to train inside and outside of their organization – everyone from players to venue staff. We also offer unique pricing options for extended enterprise customers, and customizable account structures.

Yes! Bridge’s integrations streamline single sign-on (SSO) and authentication, and frictionlessly connect to tools associated with ecommerce, video asset management, and content providers and partners, as well as HRIS integrations. Bridge also offers open APIs.

Bridge supports over 30 languages on both our primary platform and across our video and content authoring tools. We believe in making learning available for everyone, and are constantly working to make our tools inclusive and accessible.

The Bridge mobile app enables on-the-go learning, and even allows for offline learning. This is ideal for employees that don’t regularly work in front of a computer.

Yes! Bridge has an intuitive built-in course authoring tool that requires no prior instructional design experience. For organizations that want to take it to the next level, Bridge offers Gomo, an advanced authoring tool.

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Bridge has streamlined how we operate our training and development function. It has enabled us to offer more consistency in our onboarding process and ensure all our team's knowledge is kept as relevant as possible.

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