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Revolutionizing Employee Development and Performance to Achieve a 97% Staff Retention Rate

Adwise’s ambitious L&D vision required an integrated mix of learning, performance, and engagement tools. Find out why Bridge was chosen as Adwise’s ideal employee development software partner.

Modernizing a Change-Resistant Trade Union Pension and Benefit Fund Office

Discover how a US-based workers pension and benefit fund office brought in Bridge to build new training and performance processes.

Helping a State Government Department Scale Its Critical Compliance Education and Certification

When its legacy LMS could no longer cope with the learning needs of large and complex client organizations, the Vermont Department of LL chose Bridge. Discover how, after implementation, the organization cut support calls by 90%.

GPiLEARN+ and Bridge

Bridge is proud to be the LMS solution for GPiLEARN+, an online training program designed for technical workforces including health, safety, and compliance.

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Merging Two L&D Departments Into One Cost-Effective System for Internal and External Users

Discover why long-time Bridge customer Cint chose to reinvigorate its relationship with Bridge when a large acquisition left it with two different LMSs to choose between.

Effortlessly Managing Contractor Compliance While Promoting a Culture of Employee Growth

Find out how Bridge’s subaccounts and learning journeys helped one customer manage external contractor training while shaping its feedback culture.

Creating Purpose-built Learning Paths that Help Employees Support their Mission

Find out how the Missouri-based nonprofit is making budgets go further, strengthening learner outcomes, and connecting employees across national offices.

Automating Workflows and Developing Employees in a Compliance-Heavy Industry

Discover how Cresco Labs uses the Bridge LMS to transform its culture of learning and streamline compliance training in the highly regulated cannabis industry.

Creating a Seamless Learning Experience for Front Line Healthcare Workers

Read how the NHS has been utilizing Bridge to help get new doctors up-to-speed quickly and join the battle against COVID19 in UK hospitals.

Scaling Compliance, Enrollment, and Loyalty In a High-Turnover Fast Food Environment

Discover how Bridge helped one of the UK’s biggest fast food chains to manage the learning experience of its expanded workforce in a pandemic-era boom.

Centralize Learning, Improve the Standard of School Leadership and Teaching, and Increase Course Completions

Read how Illinois Principals Association uses Bridge to support school leaders and improve teaching standards through online learning.

Clear employee engagement, transparent alignment

Read how Brewer Science applies employee-first openness to their learning, performance, and career programs, to further their culture of engagement, alignment, and success.

Transforming an International Non-Profit Into an Education-First Organization

Explore AFS International Programs’ growth from an exchange program to an acclaimed education provider with the help of Bridge.

People matter most at Livongo

Read how Livongo uses Bridge as a part of its strategy to create an employee-first framework, focusing on mentoring high-potential employees and creating thoughtful efficiencies.

Supporting a growing learning culture

Read how Red Door Interactive made its onboarding and employee development programs more efficient.

People-centric learning and performance approach

Learn how C Space used Bridge LMS and a refreshed performance management approach to build people-centric strategies into their brand.

Proactive upskilling for Temple University employees

Learn what happens when agility and scale are leveraged to empower the modern learner to actively gain knowledge.

Remote, dispersed learning for the win

Learn how rolling out a five-minute training on Bridge LMS led to a 300% increase in online sales originating from stores at Fanzz, a Larry H. Miller Group company. 

Skill Development - a continuous journey

Learn how Workfront leverages Bridge to educate, engage, and develop their global sales workforce as they work to reduce sales funnel attrition.

E-learning that (literally) saves lives

With Bridge, SafetyNow creates engaging safety and compliance training that reduces clients’ accident rates. 

Visibility for compliance-driven reporting metrics

Learn how Clemson University created new opportunities for blended and online employee learning, while delivering a streamlined, automated system for compliance.

Investing in training for dispersed workforce

“When I presented Bridge to our CEO, COO, and a roomful of managers, they all applauded. They’d been looking for a training solution for 15 years, and there it was.” - Lance Pendleton, Director of Education and Training

Growing revenue—without the growing pains

With Bridge, Transamerican Auto parts helps its employees get the right training and development as the company rapidly grows.

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Making employee development a mindset

By leveraging Bridge LMS employee performance learning platform across the organization, Chemical Bank reduced its turnover rate by 20% within one year.

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Creating a culture of learning and performance

Movement Mortgage utilized Bridge to help employees complete self-paced, optional learning 2.3X faster than required enrollment benchmarks.

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