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Adwise Digital Marketing Agency - How They Achieved a 97% Staff Retention Rate With Bridge


Adwise is a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in achieving sustainable growth for its clients through digital-first strategies.

The Challenge

Implementing a Comprehensive, Multi-Phase L&D Vision

As part of its deep-seated commitment to learning and development, Adwise created an ambitious four-step vision for its L&D culture:

  1. In the “Identify” phase, employees are encouraged to think about their current
    position, taking part in self-analysis exercises to determine what motivates
    them and work out a plan to propel their careers forward.
  2. The “Train” phase involves a mixture of live training, internal and external
    events, and eLearning, embedding learning into the working lives of Adwise’s
    people. To achieve this goal, Adwise’s learners devote 15% of their working lives
    to innovation time.
  3. As its name implies, the “Coach” step involves assigning a coach to each
    employee. Coaches support Adwise’s people in terms of both performance and
  4. Finally, in the “Celebrate” phase, employees are encouraged to reflect on their
    progress and savor their achievements.

In order to fully realize this vision, Adwise needed a software partner that could facilitate every step of the employee development cycle. Since the different phases relate to different aspects of learning, performance, and engagement, Adwise was looking for an all-in-one platform, equally capable of housing eLearning courses, boosting performance-related processes, and canvassing employee feedback.

Bridge works well for us because we have a shared vision when it comes to people. Bridge says ‘people matter most’, and we say ‘people over profit’: if we take care of our people, they’ll take care of our clients—and success is sure to follow.
-Tom de Haas, L&D Manager at Adwise

The Solution

Formalizing and Unifying Training and Development in a Single All-In-One Platform

In its search for a tool with the breadth of capabilities its learning vision required, Adwise found an ideal partner—and a kindred spirit—in Bridge. 

As a combined learning management systemperformance management system, and employee engagement tool, the Bridge platform was uniquely positioned to consolidate Adwise’s ambitious employee development framework within a single space.

Bridge’s learning management system (or LMS), for example, has allowed the organization to house a large and growing number of courses and learning materials—greatly facilitating employee learning as they enter the “Train” step of the process. Plus, during the “Coach” stage, employees can work with their coaches to identify the right learning resources for their current needs.

Adwise’s learners also benefit from Bridge’s performance management toolkit. Not only is every learner assigned a coach to support their performance, but they also have the ability to formally document and track their development plans, with desired skills, goals, tasks, and courses. Prior to its Bridge partnership, Adwise’s development plans were more informal, and managers were unable to visualize those plans through a convenient, integrated interface. 

Through a variety of feedback capabilities, Bridge plays a part in helping learners tackle the “Celebrate” phase of Adwise’s learning framework. Bridge makes it easy to give and gain different types of feedback, including skills feedback and start-stop-continue feedback—which each play a vital role in performance conversations. Feedback like this offers a sense of direction for employee development, and it also gives employees a chance to recognize and celebrate their achievements.

Bridge is like a breath of fresh air. We’ve been working with other tools, but none of those tools offered a combination of personal development plans, training courses, and also feedback mechanisms. Bridge gives me a better overview because everything’s combined in one tool.
-Marloes de Jong, Senior Performance Manager at Adwise

The Results

A Thriving Culture of Growth Underpinned by a 20% Increase in Employee Engagement

Adwise’s learners frequently take advantage of the learning resources housed within Bridge’s LMS. In fact, the organization enjoys a 99% completion rate in relation to its required training. 

Improvements to Adwise’s performance processes have left its learners highly motivated to explore those training resources. Following its adoption of Bridge’s performance management system, Adwise employees have had 30% more growth-centered conversations. In turn, Adwise has felt the benefits of these conversations: in the last quarter, employees completed an average of 3.9 goals each, and Adwise has also seen a 10% increase in internal promotions since it began its relationship with Bridge.

There’s no question that employees are satisfied with the training and career growth culture that Bridge facilitates. In fact, by using Bridge’s employee engagement tool, Adwise has documented a 20% increase in employee engagement—and this is reflected in Adwise’s 97.1% retention rate. 

Throughout Adwise’s learning cycle, Bridge helps streamline and automate HR processes, resulting in a 50% reduction in overhead HR administrative costs. For example, Adwise is able to onboard employees 30% faster, setting new hires on the path to a rewarding, development-first culture from the very beginning of their journey at Adwise.


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Experience the Power of Integrated Learning and Performance

Experience the Power of Integrated Learning and Performance