LMS for Nonprofits

Save time and money by standardizing your training processes with Bridge. Create, automate and manage online training content for volunteers, staff and donors. Plus easily onboard new hires, build staff skills and align teams. 

We're a nonprofit, and we don't have the budget that a lot of for-profit corporations or companies have. We're hiring subject matter experts who are professionals or who have impressive credentials, psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed counselors, people who have had their own practices, or who come from the recovery field. The ability to offer online training is huge.

Adult and Teen Challenge

Bridge Can Help You Create a Fulfilling Learning Experience for Nonprofit Staff & Volunteers

We Know Nonprofits

With years of experience with nonprofits, we understand your needs when it comes to training and employee development. Our team is filled with skilled listeners - and we have won awards for our customer support!  

Train Your Network

Deliver training to your employees, volunteers, and partners. Bridge is straightforward and designed for ease of use. You can create courses and upload materials easily, including video.

Develop Staff

Go beyond mandatory training. For employee growth, use built-in performance management tools that work alongside the learning management system to build skills and align everyone to organizational goals.

Mobile Accessibility

With a wider network of volunteers, you will love the learning mobile app. Training can be made available to anyone, anytime, anywhere, on any device. Plus, easily send push reminders.

Compliance Training

Manage compliance training and stay up to date with strict and complex standards. Track completion rates, learner engagement and more with Bridge Analytics.

Learning Journeys

Automation makes your life easier including scheduled learning journeys and training reminders. Plus learners can easily find their assignments in a personalized library. 

Nonprofit LMS: FAQs

It’s our mission and responsibility to arm every client with the tools they need to succeed—whether they’ve spent their entire career in HR technology or are just getting started. We believe that the personal touch matters, and our experts will be in regular contact during the onboarding process to make sure everything’s running smoothly. 

In addition to personalized onboarding support, we have a video library, live training sessions, a community portal, and even courses within Bridge to help get you up to speed. The team is also available 24/7, 365 days a year, if you have questions.

Absolutely! Bridge’s mobile app is available for phones and tablets on both Apple iOS and Android devices and supports offline learning. This brings dispersed employees and volunteers together and allows them to complete training without coming into an office if they don’t otherwise need to.

Yes! Bridge’s integrations streamline single sign-on (SSO) and authentication to connect video asset management, eCommerce platforms, content providers and partners, and HRIS integrations across devices. Bridge also offers open APIs.

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Before, we were doing what was required. Now with Bridge, we're able to take it to new levels and offer free training to our staff, where they get equipped and educated to do their jobs well. In the long run, that helps people live sober, healthy lives.

Adult and Teen Challenge

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