Bridge for Colleges & Universities

While your university may already use a student-teacher learning management system, your faculty and staff have different needs. We designed Bridge to make compliance training, employee development and new hire onboarding easy.

See why over 80 top colleges and universities use Bridge for professional development, onboarding, and employee compliance training.

Bridge makes it so much easier for our employees to access available learning opportunities; it removes roadblocks. Our employees have been so much happier with the ease of use. As a result, our program attrition has dropped significantly over time.

Michael J. Mullin Assistant Director, Learning and Development - Temple University

    Train Full and Part Time Staff, Build Employee Development Programs With Bridge.

    Learning Pathways

    Deliver learning content at automated, customizable intervals with Bridge Journeys. Break up courses across learning pathways and set completion checkpoints.

    Employee Development

    Keep teams connected, align goals, build manager and employee relationships, and deliver performance reviews.

    Compliance Training

    Need to deliver huge volumes of compliance training? Set it and forget it with automated assignments. Track compliance rates easily. 

    Customized Training

    You likely have full- and part-time staff, along with student workers like resident advisors or research assistants. Custom grouping ensures learners get the correct training. 

    Synchronous & Asynchronous

    Offer both live and on-demand training. Easily record video training sessions from anywhere and post them in your learning library.

    Track Course Completion

    Access learning reporting and  monitor compliance rates, learner retention and activity. Also track how often managers are meeting with their teams.

    Bridge for Higher Education: FAQs

    Yes – while Bridge is not optimized for student education, student workers and volunteers can absolutely use Bridge LMS for compliance training, job onboarding and other work-related tasks.

    Yes! Bridge’s integrations streamline single sign-on (SSO) and authentication, and frictionlessly connect to tools associated with ecommerce, video asset management, and content providers and partners, as well as HRIS integrations. Bridge also offers open APIs.

    Student learning management systems were designed for exactly that – students. Corporate learning management systems like Bridge, on the other hand, are optimized for employees, contractors and partners. Student learning management systems include features such as grading and attendance that are distracting and irrelevant for corporate audiences. And on the other hand, they’re missing key features like compliance reporting and career pathing.

    Absolutely. Bridge offers multiple ways to segment learners, allowing organizations to organize their users in whichever way they see fit. Our user and permissions settings are customizable so that you can control who sees what.

    Many colleges and universities leverage our mobile app for on-the-go learning. Oftentimes front line workers such as dining and maintenance employees aren’t spending time in front of a computer, so they leverage the Bridge mobile app to complete training on the go.

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    Bridge changed the game for us. It brought visibility at a granular level for compliance-driven reporting metrics, but it also empowered us to plan for much more.

    Ashley Strickland Training Manager - Clemson University

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