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Bridge prioritizes developing employees' skills by integrating skills features throughout the platform. This includes feedback exchange, learning in social communities, personalized learning recommendations, and creating skill development plans aligned with goals and career aspirations. Additionally, managers have easy access to this data during performance reviews.

Create a fully integrated, cohesive skills strategy for your organization with Bridge and find new ways to upskill, reskill, and retain your team.

Personalized learning is a top priority for us and the ability for employees to add skills to their profile helps us enable that. Because we’re a healthcare organization I wasn’t sure if all of our skills were going to be included, but we’ve never had a problem finding a skill.

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How Bridge Can Help You Grow Your Skills

Continuous Skill Feedback

Help your people to track their development progress and take action in key areas by allowing your team members to give and receive peer skills feedback.

Skill-Based Learning Recommendations

Supercharge employee development and instantly address skill gaps by utilizing Bridge’s AI-fuelled learning recommendations to suggest courses based on the skills an employee wants to develop.

Talent Mobility

Retain your talent and break down organizational silos to encourage lateral or upward career advancement. Future-proof your workforce with powerful insights into the skills and skill gaps of your workforce.

Interactive Skills Communities

Create skills communities that allow employees to help one another grow. When building profiles in Bridge, your employees can enter skills they have, skills they want to develop, and skills they can nurture in their peers.

Development Plan and Career Vision

Empower your employees to chart their own career paths by adding skills to their personalized development plan. As they build out their plans, your employees can attach learning, tasks, and goals to each skill they aim to develop.

Custom Job Architecture

Facilitate internal mobility by ensuring your employees are learning the right skills for the right roles. Utilize our AI and extensive labor market data to automatically map skills to job titles within Bridge.

Skills Development: FAQs

Yes! Bridge gives you an overview of which skills you have at your organization and helps identify gaps on an organization-wide, team, or individual level.

Skills Plus is our advanced skill development offering for organizations looking to give their workforces a competitive edge in a time of skill gaps and skilled worker shortages. Learn more about how Skills Plus utilizes AI to supercharge your skills strategy.

The Bridge Career Vision feature allows employees to select aspirational roles within your organization and build individual development plans.

Yes! Employees can request feedback from their peers at any time, promoting a collaborative culture of continuous feedback.

Bridge comes pre-populated with a market-driven skills library. If you have custom skills you’d like to add, Bridge’s admin settings offer administrators this option.

Skills Development Resources

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One thing I love about Bridge is the constant innovation and the openness to feedback and feature ideas.

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