How to Reinvent, Reskill, and Retain Your Employees With Talent Journeys

Every step your employees take as part of your organization, from onboarding to development and beyond, can be described in terms of a “talent journey”. With the right tools and processes, you can support talent journeys that fulfill your people’s career aspirations and close your organization’s capability gaps—all while making your organization more attractive than ever to prospective hires.


Since talent journeys are such an all-encompassing process, we’ve put together a guide to every major element of a good talent journey, including all the tools, platforms, and attitudes you’ll need to bring to the table for a well-rounded and development-first approach to the employee experience.


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  • The four major elements of a talent journey
  • The relationship between talent journeys and internal mobility
  • Why talent journeys improve employee wellbeing, engagement, and sense of purpose

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