Skills Plus

AI-Powered Skills Platform

A skills strategy leads to better talent acquisition decisions, improved retention and growth. But many organizations don’t know where to start or how to implement one correctly. Bridge Skills Plus gives you the tools you need.
  • See trending skills based on job titles
  • Standardize a skills taxonomy
  • Discover competency gaps
  • Develop skills communities
  • Upskill people through the LMS

What You Can Do With Bridge Skills Plus

Stay on top of emerging skills with access to a massive library of over 32k skills

Connect employees with mentors who can help them build skills

Upload course content into Bridge and it will automatically be tagged with industry skills

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Upskill & Reskill AI-Driven Skills Insights for HR Teams

AI-Based Skills Suggestions

If your employees don’t know what skills they need to advance professionally, Skills Plus will automatically recommend the most in-demand skills based on their job title.

Automatically Tag Courses With Skills

Leave the admin work to us. Skills Plus instantly scans thousands of courses and tags them with multiple relevant skills—saving you countless hours of administrative work.

Automated Learning Recommendations

Once your employees know which skills they need, Skills Plus recommends the right learning programs to get them there.

Stay On Top Of Emerging Skills

Discover the most up-to-date and relevant skills for your organization and industry. Maintain a dynamic and agile job architecture.

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Bridge Skills Plus FAQs

Yes! Skills Plus is available for LMS and Performance Management customers. Skills Plus is most powerful when used with both Bridge’s LMS and its Performance Management System.

Yes, the AI components of Skills Plus come at an extra cost. 

Absolutely! While Bridge comes pre-populated with a market-driven skills library, it’s easy to add custom skills.

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