Skills Management Planning:

A 5-Step Checklist to Grow Cutting-Edge Competencies

Process is the beating heart of effective upskilling. You can’t just let your employees loose in your content library and hope for the best—you need to take a deliberate approach to identifying and closing skills gaps. This isn’t something you can improvise: upskilling works best when it’s formalized by a skills management plan.


Skills management ensures the right employees are developing the skills that count, backed by managerial input and (ideally) a powerful set of AI upskilling tools. So, how can you make sure your skills management plan grows your workforce’s key competencies?


We’ve put together a handy checklist covering exactly that. Download our infographic to discover:

  • The value of an up-to-date skills matrix
  • How the right tech makes it easy to assign targeted training
  • Why enlisting people managers is a crucial step in the skills management process