Bridge for Construction Companies

In your field, there’s nothing more important than a trained, skilled, and highly compliant crew. Deliver construction courses and safety hazard training to anyone, anywhere. Bridge LMS won't slow your workers down - it's easy for anyone to use.

The Bridge Learning Library helps us keep all of our courses in one spot, and the ease of use is great. Appreciate the fact that we can add industry-specific courses via our SCORM files

Construction Company

Safety Training & Skill Building Platform for Construction Companies

Safety Training

With OSHA, state regulations, or local ordinances, construction regulations can be challenging to keep up with. Easily update courses and notify employees when training is due. 

Track Completion

Keep track of course completion, overdue learners, performance metrics and more. Share reports with other stakeholders on training progress. Bridge leading analytics provides insights with ease, speed and accuracy.

Learning App

Not everyone has access to a computer. With the Bridge mobile learning app, crews can access courses on their phones. Spotty WiFi? Offline learning is available. Reminders can be delivered via push notifications.

Onboard Crews Faster

High turnover is a constant challenge in the construction industry. Bridge Journeys helps you automate and scale your onboarding to large groups.

Skill Development

Leverage Bridge to help up-skill, re-skill, and develop your employees. Bridge LMS and Bridge Performance combine to create a comprehensive skill development machine.


For diverse and global organizations, training needs to be fully accessible for everyone. Bridge supports over 30 languages.

Bridge for Construction Companies: FAQs

Bridge allows organizations to train inside and outside of their organization, including contractors and temporary workers. We also offer unique pricing options for extended enterprise customers. 

Yes! Bridge’s integrations streamline single sign-on (SSO) and authentication, and frictionlessly connect to tools associated with ecommerce, video asset management, and content providers and partners, as well as HRIS integrations. Bridge also offers open APIs.

Bridge supports over 30 languages on both our primary platform and across our video and content authoring tools. We believe in making learning available for everyone, and are constantly working to make our tools inclusive and accessible.

The Bridge mobile app enables on-the-go learning, and even allows for offline learning. This is ideal for employees that don’t regularly work in front of a computer.

Specifying criteria like a range of hire dates will allow Bridge to automatically create smart groups. You can then use those groups to enroll substantial volumes of new hires en masse.

Yes! Bridge has an intuitive built-in course authoring tool that requires no prior instructional design experience. For organizations that want to take it to the next level, Bridge offers Gomo, an advanced authoring tool.

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We need Spanish translations. 25% of our workforce speaks Spanish, so the fact that Bridge has the option to switch to Spanish is awesome.

Construction Company

Bridge’s Construction Industry Learning Insights

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