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Off-the-Shelf Content Available in Bridge

On its own, a great LMS isn’t enough to create a successful learning experience. You need relevant, engaging learning content that aligns with organizational and employee goals.

When it comes to content, your options in Bridge are boundless. Whether you already have a library of courses, or if you’ve purchased or licensed from another provider, you can easily load the content into Bridge. Plus, our built-in authoring tool is easy for anyone to create training programs.

If you’re in need of training content, Bridge offers a number of options to get you up and running quickly.

Content Options Within Bridge

Easily load these pre-built courses into your Bridge learning library:

Soft Skills

Soft skills courses built for Bridge by a team of subject matter experts and editable to suit your needs included with your Bridge subscription and are available on day one.

Leadership Training

A five-week journey that covers advice and guidance from a leadership coach in a self-paced, digital format. Offered by GP Strategies, one of the world’s leading talent transformation providers.

Content Starter Pack

Via OpenSesame, select 25 courses from their catalog. Courses will be included at no cost in your first year’s subscription to Bridge, with a fee starting in year two.

Customized Content Packages

Offered in partnership with GP Strategies.

Compliance Fundamentals

Compliance fundamentals courses from Safety Now, a leader in compliance and education for organizations that need to keep their workers safe.

DE&I Training

Three modules that cover inclusion and how to mitigate bias in the workplace. The program is developed by the experts at Affirmity who help HR teams analyze, measure, and build plans for diversity and inclusion.

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Soft Skills Course Catalog

Included in your Bridge subscription:

Coaching and Feedback

In this course, you’ll learn an easy-to-understand coaching model, effective methods for giving feedback and constructive criticism, how to increase trust with the members of your team, and how to achieve ongoing, long-term development through mentoring.

Teamwork: Being an Effective Team

What makes an effective team? How does one team succeed where others have failed? In this course, you’ll learn how team dynamics affect the way we interact with each other, and ways leaders and team members can make the most out of their team experience.

Improving Presentation Skills

This course will help you improve your presentation skills, including customizing your message for your audience, creating an outline, writing and revising, using visual aids, and delivering your presentation with power.

Thriving Through Conflict

Let’s say someone calls you a jerk to your face. What do you do about it? Everybody feels frustrated, angry, or even annoyed by another person sometimes. But, there’s a tried-andtrue process you can follow to smooth the prickliest predicament between co-workers.

Understanding Diversity

This course will help you understand diversity and how you can help create a workplace that values and respects differences. You’ll learn to identify stereotypes and biases, encourage diversity, and take action to prevent and discourage discrimination.

Sales Fundamentals: Selling for Success

This course includes an introduction to sales approaches and methods, and specific tools you can immediately use to build relationships with customers. You’ll learn techniques to help you close the deal. Don’t be the salesperson who silently struggles!

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