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Improving Employee Engagement and Appreciation Metrics

Transforming company culture with meaningful communication, regular one-on-ones, and engagement surveys.


To enhance the wellbeing of patients through coordinated and compassionate care.

The Challenge

Gonzaba Medical Group, a San Antonio-based medical corporation with over 700 employees, wanted to strengthen communication with its workforce and increase engagement. As its employees had diverse roles, it needed a platform with the flexibility to meet everyone’s needs. This meant a one-size-fits-all solution wouldn’t work, and the platforms it trialed lacked the flexibility needed to meet its needs.

The Solution

Since 2019, Gonzaba has used Bridge’s performance management, learning management, and employee engagement tools to strengthen the company at all levels. Bridge’s performance solutions allowed Gonzaba’s managers to have meaningful conversations with employees, ask relevant questions that addressed their personal circumstances, and prompt managers on effective ways to guide them.

Not only did everyone have more meaningful communication, but they were also able to communicate more frequently. Prior to the adoption of Bridge, Gonzaba had only yearly evaluations but using the suite of tools it was able to introduce monthly one-to-ones and quarterly performance conversations.

With Bridge’s engagement surveys, Gonzaba was able to monitor the impact of its organizational changes. Adaptability meant that the questions asked could be more relevant and meaningful for each employee, and the feedback received allowed Gonzaba to make even greater improvements.

This quickly had a measurable impact on their engagement metrics. The measure of appreciation saw impressive gains. Using Bridge’s LMS, Gonzaba made employee appreciation the focus of its company-wide training efforts in 2020, and managers were given the development they needed to better convey their regard for employees’ work.

We have totally transformed as a result of having Bridge as the tools to do so.
-Gonzaba's Former Training and Development Specialist

The Results

Maximum Impact, Minimum Cost

Gonzaba is currently seeing its highest engagement ever, with an average score of 84 out of 100. With personal development, managers who had engagement scores in the 50s and 60s saw their scores rise to 80s and 90s. Fifteen leaders now have engagement scores of 90 or above. Participation is also at an all-time high and currently stands at 64%. Appreciation scores have risen by 10% in a year. 

This is good news for Gonzaba as research shows that better employee engagement translates to better performance. There’s as much as a 14% increase in productivity for companies with high engagement compared to those with the lowest levels. 


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Experience the Power of Integrated Learning and Performance

Experience the Power of Integrated Learning and Performance