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Effortlessly Managing Contractor Compliance While Promoting a Culture of Employee Growth

From contractor training to in-house skill development, HORNE uses the Bridge Learning Management System to elevate the experience of every learner.


To offer professional services to client organizations ranging from banks and credit unions to healthcare institutions through a diverse mix of capabilities including auditing, automation, cybersecurity, and disaster recovery.

The Challenge

Enacting Cultural Change by Developing Soft Skills

As an employer, HORNE is committed to a compassionate working culture that fosters a sense of belonging, courage, and positivity among its employees.

Consequently, although HORNE’s services often take the form of highly technical work, the company is equally dedicated to improving its people’s soft skills, from leadership and emotional intelligence to communication.

That’s why HORNE wanted to create a meaningful, months-long learning project designed to improve the culture of feedback among its employees and managers. This extensive learning program was designed to train HORNE’s staff on stripping away the negative connotations of receiving feedback while accentuating the positive aspects of giving it.

In an effort to establish the project’s long-term impact, HORNE wanted to deliver the courses that comprise its feedback program over an extended period of time, giving learners the chance to reflect and complete additional assignments between training sessions.

We experienced unprecedented growth during the pandemic, and we're still trying to catch up with the training that entails. As a result, we use Bridge for everything. In every new learning asset we release, Bridge is leveraged somehow.
-LMS Administrator

The Solution

Building and Automating a 2-Month Learning Journey

HORNE’s ‘Roadmap to Feedback’ project was delivered with the help of Bridge Journeys. The eight-week learning journey consisted of four live sessions every other week, supplemented by self-study assignments set in the intervening periods. These scheduled checkpoints incorporated items like surveys, reflective tasks, and feedback practice challenges which each cohort of learners experienced together as they traveled through the program.

As a learning journey, the ‘Roadmap to Feedback’ project allowed HORNE to schedule and automate each stage of its delivery, ensuring that each learning cohort was aligned on every session’s talking points and able to complete their training at appropriate intervals without feeling overwhelmed.

We use Bridge Journeys because, as of this year and moving forward, we're doing a lot of cohort-based blended learning. So we create Journeys that include live training, checkpoints, programs, and individual courses. The flexibility of Bridge Journeys allows us to continue adding to each Journey as necessary—unlike a learning program which can’t be amended as easily.
-LMS Administrator

The Results

Merging Bridge With Internal Communications and Workflows

Employee responses to HORNE’s ‘Roadmap to Feedback’ learning journey were enthusiastic, with its learners demonstrating an appetite for receiving training where and when they needed it.

As a result, HORNE has begun the process of weaving Bridge into its workflows by presenting its learners with monthly training opportunities through its intranet.

By giving learners frequent and consistent opportunities to sign up to training programs, HORNE has applied the principles of its initial learning journey to its ongoing programs, combining Bridge’s learning infrastructure with the organization’s own internal avenues of communication.


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Experience the Power of Integrated Learning and Performance

Experience the Power of Integrated Learning and Performance

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