Bridge Renews Its Commitment to Employee Development via Built-in Feedback and Upskilling

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19 June 2024—RALEIGH, NC—Bridge has made it easier than ever for L&D teams to put employee development at the heart of their experience in the platform by drawing together its learning, development, and upskilling capabilities.

By merging its industry-leading LMS with its AI-powered upskilling features and an intuitive  development planning tool, Bridge allows organizations to go beyond the typical use cases for an LMS, like onboarding or mandatory training. These combined capabilities help employees tie learning directly to the career development goals that motivate them—and the skills they need to achieve them.

Bridge has cemented this enhanced emphasis on employee development with its built-in feedback and recognition features. Bridge’s structured skills feedback capabilities allow employees to gather constructive feedback from their peers, while the recognition feature provides a space for employees to show public, informal appreciation for one another. 

“Learning and development go hand in hand,” said Peter Brussard, President of Bridge, “and that’s why skill development plans, feedback options, and recognition tools are built into the Bridge LMS. It’s about taking learning programs to the next level—not only by allowing users to create, manage, and track top-tier learning programs but by placing that learning in context. When you can connect learning to the employee development goals that L&D is all about, you’re going to be left with better performance and a more cohesive learning culture.”

“Bridge’s combined LMS, skills-building platform, and development tools make learning more rewarding and impactful. Personalized learning that prioritizes skills your people need, backed up by feedback to keep them motivated and on track, is always going to give you more meaningful results.”

Ready to Learn More About Bridge’s Capabilities in Learning, Upskilling, and Employee Development?

For more information about Bridge’s suite of fully integrated learning and development capabilities, view our self-guided demo or request a personalized demo.

Picture of Sarah Meneses

Sarah Meneses

Sarah has spent the last ten years in the learning space, including K-12, Higher Education and Professional Learning. Before that, she was a competitive gymnastics coach, where she first learned that having challenging, personalized conversations with her high-level athletes was the single most important thing in guiding them towards success in competition and in life. Sarah has brought that passion for leadership and coaching into the corporate learning space, where she leverages technology to help managers lead and develop their teams.

Table of Contents

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