The Future of Upskilling and Employee Learning 2024

Upskilling and reskilling might be recognized as major priorities, but are organizations adopting the L&D practices they need to cultivate skills growth? Do they have the technologies to match learning with skills requirements? And what are top performers in the skills space doing right? Find out in the insight-packed Future of Upskilling and Employee Learning 2024 report.

What’s Driving Upskilling in 2024?

Our survey participants had a clear and compelling set of reasons to take upskilling seriously in 2024:

57% say the top driver of upskilling is boosting job performance

52% say the top driver of upskilling is higher employee retention rates

49% say the top driver of upskilling is stronger employee engagement

Key Findings

While there are plenty of incentives to get upskilling and reskilling right, that doesn’t mean every organization has the capabilities and know-how to make it happen. Download your copy to discover common areas for upskilling-related improvement, powered by observations like:

Only 48% of organizations match learning to future talent requirements

Just 21% of respondents give high marks to the overall quality of their L&D efforts

Only 40% of organizations stress the role of learning in career development

Power Your Upskilling Efforts With Detailed L&D Data

Download the full report and discover:

The factors behind a growing need for upskilling

The ways corporate culture is (and isn’t) aligned with the need for upskilling

The barriers blocking today’s upskilling efforts

The positive business outcomes associated with upskilling

The growing relationship between upskilling and AI

The qualities that separate L&D leaders from L&D laggards

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