COVID-19: A Note To Our Customers

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We have all been following the developments around COVID-19 (coronavirus) and it’s growing impact on our communities. We have also been informed of how businesses are responding to support their employees including general planning, education, and workforce strategies as precautionary and preventive measures.

First and foremost, the health and safety of our employees, their families, customers, partners and the community is of utmost importance to our Bridge family. Like you, we’re paying attention to the daily developments, washing our hands, and discussing internally how we can ensure you have the support you need.  We want to share some updates and resources to help you continue general planning, education, and workforce strategies for learning and development.

What’s Happening

Currently, 43 states have confirmed cases and COVID-19 has officially been declared a pandemic. Because of this, industry events, public gatherings, even corporate offices and campuses are being cancelled, closed, or transitioned to virtual, online, or WFH in an effort to reduce the spread.  

The Department of Health & Human Services and the CDC have created a helpful guide for the current stage of the coronavirus that will provide direction for running your business smoothly and protecting your employees and customers alike. Monitor the current conditions of the virus through the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

What Bridge is Doing to Ensure Your Education and Workforce Strategies Continue Without Interruption

Bridge is here to help and we are committed to supporting you in any way we can. We know many of our customers are increasing the emphasis of online educational options. We are already actively working with many of you that have gone to online models and with others that are preparing for the possibility of such an outcome. Outside of travel restrictions, closed office visitations, increased cleanliness and hygiene, and a global work from home if necessary policy, Here are a few things we’re preparing to help you:

Scaling Bridge — Bridge is a SaaS-based Learning Management and Employee Development System that can automatically scale to address the increased needs of organizations dealing with the Coronavirus or other situations that might require a move to an online model. We are working with AWS to ensure your use of  Bridge will work seamlessly to support your environment. Should you need to provide more users with access to your Bridge environment than you currently have licenses for, please let your Customer Success Manager know. We are ready to work with you in this difficult time to support your needs. Please give us a call and we will work together to establish the right solution for your organization to keep your business supported and moving forward.

Scaling Support & Training — We have many customers and organizations that have already shifted to an online-only model, following closures to companies and corporate campuses. We realize this requires more help from our support and training organizations. To meet this need, we are ramping up support as needed. We have a flexible workforce in place that lets us ramp up and down in response to the load that is required from our customers. We are ready to help your company prepare and scale as needed. No matter the need, we’ve got you! 

Leveraging Partners — We are lucky to work with great partners. Many of whom have built courses that can help you more effectively during difficult times. We are also aware that many of our customers are assessing and looking for ideas on how to fundamentally prepare, respond, and provide education to their learners. Sometimes, however, it can feel difficult to know where to turn to find timely, relevant and assistive information for guidance. Luckily, Bridge has built wonderful Partnerships with leading content providers, like EJ4 and OpenSesame, who are aiding by providing relevant, impactful and timely content. 

With that, we are able to offer the following courses provided by these partners, at no cost, for all Bridge customers to leverage. Please use the provided content within your organization to help educate and inform teams and colleagues! These are free for all your learners. 

Please feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager with any additional questions.

New Update 3/30: Free course from iAM Learning: “Remote Working 101”. Download here.

EJ4: Please download and import the provided ‘Coronavirus: COVID-19’ provided by EJ4 into your Bridge instance. UPDATE 3/16: Additional bundle courses from EJ4. Download here:

OpenSesame: Since you have Bridge LMS, you can go to the “Coronavirus Preparedness for Employers and Employees” course in the OpenSesame marketplace integration, add as many seats as you need to your cart, and complete the checkout.

This isn’t an easy time. Our teams and your teams are being asked to work differently to solve the challenges this now presents. We are committed to you. If you have any questions, please filter them through your customer success manager, and we will get you the help you need.


Drew Stinger

Drew Stinger

Drew has been immersed in the learning technology space for over six years and has loved every minute of it. From working in global ad agencies (McCann Erickson), and professional sports organizations (go Jazz!), and now in learning technology, Drew has gained valuable insights in the world of managing teams, clients, and peers. Drew loves enabling individuals and teams to have more open, effective conversations centered around connection, alignment and growth and has seen the impact it can have on employee satisfaction and productivity. Skiing, biking, netflix-ing (that’s a word right?), and being a remote working dad, are just a few of his passions!

Table of Contents

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