Q&A With Group Head of Leadership, Learning and Talent at Barclays Africa Group Limited

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On July 24, 2018, Dr. Thokozile Lewanika-Mpupuni, Group Head of Leadership, Learning and Talent at Barclays Africa Group Limited, is joining four other learning leaders from high profile organizations on a panel moderated by Mike Prokopeak, CLO, of CLO Media at Bridge’s annual user conference in Keystone, Colorado. 

With this year’s theme being Big Top Bridge, Dr. Lewanika-Mpupuni will get the chance to not only share her secrets to achieving and sustaining growth and high performance at Barclays Africa, but will also get a chance to take a spin on her favorite carnival rides. 

Dr. Thokozile Lewanika-Mpupuni

Q&A With Dr. Lewanika-Mpupuni of Barclays Africa

However, we don’t have wait until July to get to know Dr. Lewanika-Mpupuni, we sat down with her to learn more about her career, the future of work, and what carnival treat rules them all. 

Bridge: Who was your best manager and what made them so great?

Dr. Lewanika-Mpupuni: My best “manager” was Judy Malan.  She super charged my ability to see myself through other people’s eyes (self-awareness) and helped me become much more than I was (expanded my situational leadership). She was caring and brutally honest. And still is! 

Bridge: What’s the one thing you wish you had learned before you started your career?

Dr. Lewanika-Mpupuni: What you study is not a “life sentence” that pre-determines all the jobs you will ever have. It’s just what you studied at that point in time.

Bridge: What’s the one skill you would tell the upcoming workforce to practice over and over?

Dr. Lewanika-Mpupuni: Listening to understand…

Bridge: What’s the best job you’ve ever had?

Dr. Lewanika-Mpupuni: Facilitating learning. From my University lecturing days to my current work, seeing the light go on in a learner’s eyes is magical!

Bridge: What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

Dr. Lewanika-Mpupuni: Scrubbing long drop toilets in boarding school! (Punishment for being TOO outspoken..)

Bridge: What does the future of work look like in your company?

Dr. Lewanika-Mpupuni: Digitally connected, highly collaborative cross-functional teams.

Bridge: What’s the most delicious carnival treat on the planet?

Dr. Lewanika-Mpupuni: Caramel popcorn. Of course! 

Join us at Big Top Bridge July 22-24 and get more insights from Dr. Lewanika-Mpupuni and other learning leaders during our panel discussion while networking with colleagues, learning about the latest in performance-management software, and learning management systems and enjoy some deep-fried food.

You can also enjoy Big Top Bridge from the comfort of your couch. If you can’t make the trip to Keystone, Co. then join us online while we live stream our keynote sessions.


Drew Stinger

Drew Stinger

Drew has been immersed in the learning technology space for over six years and has loved every minute of it. From working in global ad agencies (McCann Erickson), and professional sports organizations (go Jazz!), and now in learning technology, Drew has gained valuable insights in the world of managing teams, clients, and peers. Drew loves enabling individuals and teams to have more open, effective conversations centered around connection, alignment and growth and has seen the impact it can have on employee satisfaction and productivity. Skiing, biking, netflix-ing (that’s a word right?), and being a remote working dad, are just a few of his passions!

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