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Supporting a Growing Learning Culture

How Red Door Interactive made its onboarding and employee development programs more efficient


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The Challenge

The Employee Experience team at Red Door Interactive needed to get all of its onboarding programs into a more scalable, trackable system…and quickly. But that was easier said than done: “Initially, I’d gone through the process of trying open source and free tools. I cobbled together various solutions for different sorts of learning for our employees, but none of them answered what we needed,” remarks Kate De Jong, VP of Employee Experience.

I went looking specifically for a learning management system that made it super easy for employees to access all sorts of learning experiences. We have online course created by managers, subscription content we purchase, and we conduct live trainings that we want people to sign up for and that we need to track, such as quarterly career advancement sessions. I needed an LMS that pulled all that together.
-Kate De Jong, VP of Employee Experience

The Approach

After an exhaustive search, the Employee Experience team chose Bridge LMS to facilitate its training and development programs. Ms. De Jong and her team, including Lisa Marino, Manager of Employee Experience, began leveraging Bridge to scale Red Door Interactive’s employee development programs. The team focused on strategic initiatives, such as:

Creating Efficiencies by Centralizing Training

The Employee Experience team needed to scale its programs to support a growing team.

Supporting a Culture of Learning

“We are committed to hiring ‘A’ players – people who can come in and make a big difference at Red Door. Through that hiring process, it seems we have naturally selected employees who are learners, achievers, and activators.” comments Ms. De Jong.

We used to record a lot of one-off training sessions. When there was a new training topic or process, we’d record the training content and then send it out via email to the attendees who couldn't be at the live session and ask them to review the recorded session. Hopefully, they’d let us know when they had finished so that we could keep track. But that is just not sustainable as you grow. With Bridge, we have our onboarding paths and other required training online and in one place, which means we only have to go into Bridge whenever we need reporting to know where employees are within their learning paths.
-Kate De Jong, VP of Employee Experience
So it was important to find a solution that supports our employees desires to develop themselves and their managers’ interest in knowing what their team members are learning. We found Bridge does that because it's intuitive, self-explanatory, and it keeps people engaged and wanting to be in there. We wanted a place where employees could go in and learn; whether it’s something they’re just curious about or whether it’s an area where they feel like they can develop expertise. They can go in, find a course and have it available to them whenever they’d like.
-Kate De Jong, VP of Employee Experience

How Red Door Interactive Measures Success

“At Red Door Interactive, the idea of learning and development and career advancement are woven into the fabric of our culture,” commented Ms. De Jong. To help support this culture, the team focuses on a few critical goals:

Pivot to Support Business Needs

For the Employee Experience team, being able to pivot training and development toward company needs is imperative.

Ensure Adoption of Company Culture

While the Red Door Employee Experience team supports all kinds of initiatives that foster employee engagement, they know that success of the company largely relies on employees that feel an ownership and genuine connections in the company. Therefore, a main focus of the team is to ensure new employees get off to a great start.

We do our annual planning at the end of February. From these strategic directives, we identify learning and development opportunities to support our employees and the business direction for the rest of the year. We look at overall company strategy and formulate a plan to support that strategy.
-Kate De Jong, VP of Employee Experience
At Red Door, onboarding a new employee is managed completely in Bridge. The number one thing for us is getting people in the door, working effectively as soon as possible, and showing them how our culture of learning can contribute to their continued, long-term success.
-Kate De Jong, VP of Employee Experience


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Experience the Power of Integrated Learning and Performance

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