The Future of Employee Engagement 2023-2024

Employee engagement is associated with a wide array of positive business outcomes, but that doesn’t make it any easier to achieve. Engaging your people takes the right practices, appropriate technologies, and actionable information—and The Future of Employee Engagement report is the perfect place to start. This Bridge-sponsored research offers a wide array of digestible data points on the status, impacts, and drivers of engagement in 2024. Download your copy and find out how engagement leaders are keeping their people energized and attentive.

Employee Engagement Impacts 3 Key Business Areas

Our respondents indicated that employee engagement has a strong relationship with the following areas:

64% of organizations say employee retention is impacted by engagement

42% of organizations say productivity is impacted by engagement

64% of organizations say organizational culture is impacted by engagement

With retention, culture, and productivity all on the line, the stakes for strong engagement are high—even while current engagement levels are low and stagnating. So, what are engagement leaders doing right?

Key Findings

Employee engagement leaders are finding ways to cut through the low engagement rates noted across the report. Download your copy to discover why, when compared to engagement laggards, leader organizations are:

2.7 times more likely to maintain a positive work culture

24 times more likely to claim that over 60% of their workforce is highly engaged

Over twice as likely to measure engagement

Bolster Your Employee Engagement With In-Depth Insight

Download the full report and discover:

What current engagement levels look like, and how they compare to previous years

The extent to which organizations are taking action on engagement data

How organizations are engaging measurement (and how they could do it better)

The top factors linked to employee engagement, including trust and culture

Common engagement-related data-sharing practices

Key technologies set to influence engagement across a variety of task areas

Get the Full Story on Employee Engagement for 2024

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