“I’m Not Wearing Pants Today”: The Official Working From Home Activity Book

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Business on top, quarantine on the bottom.  If this describes your current attire, then this activity book might be for you. Why? Because we all need a break from, well, work. We get it, working from home can be rough, like sand stuck in your shoes after a day at the beach rough, it wears on you over time. Hopefully spending some time in this activity book can give you the mental break you need to smooth out your day.

If this fun, quirky, entertaining activity book can turn just one frown upside down, elicit a chortle, a smirk, or a few head nods, then we have accomplished what we set out to do.  So add a little levity to your day with hits like “The Procrastination Maze” or “Conference Call Bingo”. Then get back to crushing working from home like we know you can.  

Seriously though, we here at Bridge are passionate about helping people be the best they can be. So enjoy the laughs and have a little fun.  Download it, print it, share it, just have fun with it!

Check it out here or click the cover image: https://www.getbridge.com/pdf/work-from-home.pdf

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