Juneteenth. Our Mission and Our Future of Inclusion and Belonging.

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Bridge Family:

Following our Instructure note to Canvas customers, we’d like to share a similar message for our Bridge customers. We believe that everyone at Bridge has a role to play in ensuring that our community is as equitable and diverse as possible, and that racial diversity is part of what makes our country and company strong and unique. We believe that people matter most, and we are taking time to reflect on how we can raise our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and belonging and make a difference in our communities.

In honor of Juneteenth, we will be closing US and international offices early, at 12:00 pm local time, on Friday, June 19.  We will have a reduced support model in place to ensure that our customers’ needs are covered, but allowing our customer success team to participate in Juneteenth activities.

In order to fully live out our culture and values and continue to foster an environment we can all be proud of, we are encouraging our team to invest in their own learning experience.  We acknowledge that these systemic issues will not be solved in one day, and we will continue to create space for these important discussions and actions through our internal Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Council. Additionally, we have work to do within Bridge to continue to improve our own practices as we strive for greater diversity. 

At Bridge, we stand by our belief that People Matter Most. As a global company, we strive to create a community of belonging that encourages every employee, customer, client, and partner to bring their whole self to work. Our mission: to help people transform their organizations through connection, alignment, and growth. We look forward to these transformative conversations and pledge to continue in our own journey to further diversity, inclusion, and belonging. 

In Kindness,

John Knotwell

Bridge General Manager

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Drew Stinger

Drew has been immersed in the learning technology space for over six years and has loved every minute of it. From working in global ad agencies (McCann Erickson), and professional sports organizations (go Jazz!), and now in learning technology, Drew has gained valuable insights in the world of managing teams, clients, and peers. Drew loves enabling individuals and teams to have more open, effective conversations centered around connection, alignment and growth and has seen the impact it can have on employee satisfaction and productivity. Skiing, biking, netflix-ing (that’s a word right?), and being a remote working dad, are just a few of his passions!

Table of Contents