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Bridge Journeys offers rich course chunking features that allow you to space out courses to increase learner engagement and success. Find out more about Journeys.

As part of our mission to make the learning experience both engaging and seamless, we’re always working hard to improve our offering and streamline the ways in which your eLearning courses are scheduled and delivered. We’re excited to announce the official launch of Bridge Journeys as part of our learning offering.


Why Bridge Journeys?


As a people-first organization, Bridge’s innovations are crafted to meet the evolving needs of our customers. With corporate learning and onboarding becoming increasingly complex processes, our customers have been telling us that mapping out learning journeys, or “course chunking” is a critical component to keeping learners engaged. We’re proud to say that Bridge Journeys is that tool.



How Does Bridge Journeys Make a Difference?


Bridge Journeys allows you to set up learning and development paths with minimal manual interaction and a truly customizable experience. Journeys gives you the ability to schedule courses for your employees that will fit in with the many other demands on their time. In doing this, your employees will get their training at a measured pace and with achievable goals. 



Now you can set up a process that will automatically enroll your users to the right step at the right time. Course chunking allows you to offer your employees little bits of learning that not only fit easily into their daily schedules but are also spaced far enough apart for the information to be easily digested before the next course arrives. With Journeys, the days of rigid scheduling and overwhelming your employees with learning are gone. Journeys makes the learning experience far more fluid and enjoyable—the learning rollout process will feel more structured and organized, and you can expect to see improved retention and engagement from your learners.

Better still, with Bridge Journeys, you no longer need a time-consuming hands-on approach to learning and development. You can “set up and forget” and let it do all the day-to-day work. Journeys will push employees forward, enroll them in courses when they need to be enrolled, and all you need to do is occasionally monitor their progress.



“We want to set up learning and development paths and then forget about them. We want them to work without much manual interaction.”
– Bridge customer

And if you want to add steps to the learning journey, no problem either! Journeys is a living entity. While previous solutions involved a multi-step process to add new training to the roster (which included having to re-enroll your learners), Journeys simply adds the new training seamlessly, allowing your learners to enjoy uninterrupted progress.


Peter Brussard, President of Bridge, says: “We believe that by combining learning and performance management, you’ll have the power to transform and elevate your learning programs. Journeys embodies those beliefs. I’m immensely proud of our teams here at Bridge and excited for the possibilities this feature will bring to organizations.”


What’s the Future of Journeys?


As we move forward, you’ll see Journeys tie learning and performance management even more closely together and incorporate even greater functionality. In tapping the potential of Bridge’s LMS and performance management functionality working in tandem, Journeys will become an even more essential part of L&D programs. Here are some of the things you can expect to see:


1. Full Support for Learning and Performance Management


Currently, Journeys supports courses, checkpoints, and programs, but that’s just the start. Soon, Journeys will incorporate even more learning items. Not only that, Journeys will allow the addition and scheduling of performance management elements, such as Start-Stop-Continue feedback after 30 days of starting at a new company.


2. Milestones


You’ll be able to make your learner experiences more enjoyable and rewarding by creating engagement events like appreciation and milestones. By having the road ahead mapped out and having progress rewarded, Journeys ensures that your learning programs are delivered to an enthusiastic and receptive audience.


3. Advanced Scheduling and Branching


You’ll have access to tools that can create parallel tracks in Journeys, which means some training steps will be optional for a user depending on their needs and attributes. The learning program will become personalized to them as Journeys are chained together to meet their individual needs.


Want to Know More About Journeys?


Journeys is now available to all Bridge users. If you want to meet your needs for more complex learning paths and fully leverage the combined power of learning and performance management, get in touch.

Not yet a customer and want to learn more? Contact us to find out more about Bridge.



Bridge is a learning and performance platform that transforms organizations by bringing together learning, skills and performance in one unified experience.

Table of Contents

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