Going the Distance in Employee Training: Finding Where You Belong

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How are leading organizations providing better training for their employees?

KPMG, Disney, and Amazon have all recently made headlines for new efforts to skill up their workers.

To focus on continuous learning, KPMG is spending $450 million on a learning, development, and innovation center with the intent of enabling its “workforce and clients to collaborate and learn while also looking after their health and wellness.” The core of the facility will include programs to “retrain and upskill employees across every unit of the company,” and also extends to clients and staff from other companies. Disney is investing $50 million in new and ongoing education programs, with a new initiative offering higher education or vocational training for hourly employees. And, Amazon recently hired Stanford professor Candace Thille, known for data-driven work on “non-traditional ways of learning, teaching, and training,” as its new director of learning science and engineering.

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