Bridge Journeys

Manage & Automate Complex Learning Paths

Discover the power of learning automation! Create custom learning journeys that deliver learning and development to the right people at the right time.

Bridge Journeys

Customize the Learning Journey

The power to customize learning and development paths is in your hands. With the available building blocks, choose the ones you need, arrange them how you like, and set out the journey you want your learners to take. Offer checkpoints to give reaffirming feedback and chain courses together.

Control When Learning Happens

Oversee every aspect of the learning experience. Schedule learning elements with Journeys’ intuitive easy-to-use system. As Journeys evolves, you’ll be able to integrate performance management into your offering.

Chunk Learning Into Bite-Sized Pieces

Break your courses into manageable chunks so learners don’t feel overwhelmed. Journeys makes the learning process more structured and manageable, delivering a measured and paced learning experience that ensures greater retention of information and a more engaging experience.

Stay Connected When It Matters

It’s easy for managers to stay connected with their teams. Schedule checkpoints throughout the journey to encourage check-ins, feedback, and one-on-ones at the key points you need them.

Add New Training Seamlessly

Enjoy continuous learning evolution, without the need to disrupt the learning process when you add new items. Journeys seamlessly integrates new learning components into your ongoing experience—no interruptions!

Bridge journeys

Bridge Journeys Features

Bridge Journeys makes learning and development a customizable experience based on the learners’ needs:

Three types of scheduling

Support for learning features

Performance management integration

Ability to convert programs into journeys

Reporting and analytics on individual Journey steps

Customizable blocks to create a unique experience

Ability to add courses, programs, and checkpoints

Journeys Goes the Distance So You Don’t Have To

Journeys helps you build the courses you want and deliver an engaging training experience—every time. You can chunk courses into manageable, easily digested slices so that no learner feels overwhelmed by their assigned tasks. Deliver the right learning to the right people exactly when they need it.

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