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Bridge Content

The content you need for your HCM strategy.

Why Content Services?

Wading through a sea of content providers and their offerings is an overwhelming task — especially given all of the other demands placed on learning professionals. Lucky for you, Bridge Content Services can help with your conundrum.

Building a LMS content strategy for the modern workplace

The folks at Content Services live and breathe learning content. Here are some ways you can utilize our expertise to support your goals and initiatives.

Our knowledge, background & expertise

There are content fads and then there are developments. We watch for one key thing: outcomes. We have seasoned training experts who have been in your shoes and actively monitor the trends in LMS content.

Our hassle free library management

From initially loading content, to hosting and maintaining content, we have it covered for you.

Our carefully curated content partners

We have an eye for quality, not only in presentation or technical coding, but also in content itself. Our partnerships offer what we feel is the most engaging content in today’s marketplace.

your solution:
bridge content

We have carefully built a customizable set of solutions to match the unique challenges you face. Our learning content professionals consult with you to understand your needs and provide insightful recommendations.

Our experts in Bridge Content Services will help you build a program that includes...

Concise micro-learning

Microlearning isn’t the silver bullet many have made it out to be, but we will help you to understand where and when to best utilize it to drive results.

Collaborative, social learning

We’ve seen great results using social learning strategically in broader modern corporate programs.

Powerful push and pull learning

The push strategies Bridge offers ensure that learning is retained and will drive positive outcomes.

Your own custom authored learning

Building new courses takes a lot of time and money, but Bridge reduces time and cost dramatically. Our team will help you understand where to focus your efforts in order to build unique content.

Content Providers

Bridge is always expanding our relationship with content builders and content providers so that we can fit your needs and budget like a glove. We, of course, do all the content housekeeping for you including curation, loading and updating everything all under one easy contract with Bridge.

Together these content partners represent a robust library of courses that cover subjects like:

  • Business and Professional Skills
  • Leadership and Management
  • Desktop and IT
  • Industry Specific
  • Health and Safety
  • HR and Legal Compliance