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Dev Learn 2022

October 26th in Las Vegas, NV

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Dev Learn 2022

October 26th in Las Vegas, NV

Creating Effective Learning Journeys and Development Plans That Matter

At DevLearn, Ryan discussed how to create learning pathways at every stage of the employee life cycle, from onboarding and promotions to new skills and continued growth.

Are you interested in learning more about? :

  • Why connecting learning and development events in learning pathways are key to skill development
  • How to eliminate complex processes and simplify L&D solutions
  • Why culture, conversations, and feedback matter and how you can scale, track, and deliver insights to help achieve these strategies

Yes, you are in luck. Download Ryan's session slide deck today.

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What is Bridge?

Bridge is a learning, performance, and talent platform that transforms organizations by enhancing peer-to-peer connection, improving performance alignment, and empowering skill and career growth.

Key Solutions That Bridge Solves

  • Compliance Training
  • Learning Journeys 
  • Develop Managers
  • Align Goals
  • Upskill Employees
  • Train Partners
  • Employee Engagement
  • Performance Conversations
  • Career Development
  • Connect Teams
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