3 Elements of a Successful Mentorship Program

Creating and refining a mentorship program involves a lot of moving parts. You’ve got to plan out the mentoring models you’ll use, produce a solid code of conduct, and put together a long-term structure for ongoing success. 


You might also want one or two mentors, too!


This ebook covers three of the most important elements that you’ll need to think about if you want your mentorship program to go the distance and become part of the professional development furniture at your organization. If you want detailed advice on attracting mentors and mentees, the technology that brings them together, and the practices that’ll keep them together for the whole mentorship cycle, you’ve come to the right place.


Download the full ebook to discover:

  • The difference between group, dyadic, and reverse mentoring
  • Three key methods for evaluating your program’s success
  • How to create structural guidelines for your mentors and mentees to follow

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