Your stay interviews are only as effective as the questions you ask. If you want to improve your retention rates, you need specific and concrete insights into why your people stay—or why they might be tempted to leave.

By asking the right questions in both formal interviews and casual 1:1 settings, you’ll be able to identify and address any problems your employees are having. Critically, you’ll be able to do so before they decide to leave. In other words: stay interviews exist so that exit interviews don’t have to.

As such, it’s essential to find out what the right questions actually look like. That’s why we’ve put together this short ebook offering a selection of stay interview questions that will always be worth putting to your teams.

Download our mini ebook to discover how to add value to your stay interviews with questions covering issues like:

  • Employee recognition
  • Push and pull factors
  • The value of eLearning support

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