Good Performance Management Practices Yield Significant Results

Organizations that excel at performance management are realizing substantial benefits when compared to those that don’t.

Around four times more likely to achieve better employee development

Four times more likely to enjoy better employee performance

There’s no question that stronger performance and a robust approach to employee development leads to improved business outcomes—which is why we think these performance leaders are worth emulating.

Key Findings

While performance leaders are feeling the benefits, many organizations are struggling to hit their performance management goals. When compared to previous research, the report shows that respondents’ performance processes are less able to:

Improve Employee Development

Improve Employee Engagement

Improve Employee Retention

These findings are all the more reason to identify what works for performance leaders and make sure their example is followed.

Unearth a Treasure Trove of Performance Management Insight

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How performance management has changed to become more employee-centric

The need to adopt better performance metrics

The need for better performance management training among managers

How the use of performance management technologies is falling short

The benefits of embracing a structured performance management process

How performance leaders tie performance management to employee development

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