External Learners

Educate Your Customers, Contractors, and Channel Partners

Craft and manage customizable, robust learning programs that map to business goals for external learners.


Educate your Customers

If your customers want or need training on your products and services, you’ll need a way to create and deliver that training. Focused and engaging customer learning increases satisfaction, retention, and adoption. That’s where Bridge comes in! Bridge is a turnkey solution for both the creation and delivery of intuitive educational content to onboard, engage, and retain your customers. Plus, with Bridge’s open API and webhooks, you can easily integrate Bridge with other sales tools.


Train your Contractors & Consultants

A substantial knowledge gap between employees and contractors can result in inconsistencies, confusion, and errors. That’s why it’s crucial that contractors and consultants receive essential compliance training and are educated on your products, services, and brand.

Leveraging technology to bridge (pun intended!) this knowledge gap streamlines the learning process while increasing engagement. Robust and customized learning programs also help contractors and consultants feel more closely connected to your brand and like a valued member of the team, improving outcomes across the board.

Bridge’s highly intuitive interface means you don’t need to spend additional time training your contractors to use your software. As soon as they log in, they’ll know exactly what to do!

Extend Learning to Channel Partners

Bridge’s offering is tailored to meet the unique challenges of channel partners. Partner enablement starts with education. It is their foundation to understanding, selling, and building relationships with your brand.

For partners to effectively transfer knowledge about your wares, they need deep knowledge of your offering, mission, and values. Without this expertise, they’re more likely to misrepresent your brand or lack the confidence to close deals about your products and services.

On the other hand, partners that are intimately aware of your brand, solutions, benefits, and customer fit can more easily recognize how you can help their customers. Aligning partners through education means a healthier bottom line for both of you!


Why Choose Bridge?

To efficiently train an extended network, you need technology that’s intuitive and easy to distribute, ensuring that learners can focus on your program, not your platform. Bridge handles the management and distribution of your learning program to all stakeholders, prioritizing experiences and outcomes. 

Here are just a few great reasons why customers around the globe use Bridge to deliver and track courses to anyone outside of their internal organizations:

What Our Customers Say

We believe we have the right solutions for you, but don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what some of our customers who’re using Bridge for External Learners are saying:

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Onboard New Employees With Bridge LMS

Between the unfamiliar policies, extensive compliance training, and pounds of paperwork, starting at a new company can be overwhelming—and time-consuming. Achieve onboarding efficiency and help your hires feel at home with Bridge.

Using Bridge, we’ve set up our HR new hire survey as an [onboarding] checkpoint delivered 75 days after their hire date. The completion rate of that survey has gone from 13% to 46% almost overnight.

Kate Toothman Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits

    Get Your New Hires Up to Speed Faster

    The sooner you onboard the newest members of your team, the sooner they’ll provide those all-important boosts to company productivity. With Bridge, you’ll deliver a streamlined and comprehensive onboarding experience that reduces churn and sets your new recruits on the path toward a culture of continuous learning and development.

    Help Your Hires Take Their First Steps With Learning Journeys

    Take your new employees through an automated onboarding journey that delivers the right training at the right time. Bridge Journeys allows you to create journeys that automatically deliver learning content, live trainings, schedule 1on1 meetings, offer checkpoints for specific action items, and request feedback.

    Smoothly Orient New Starters With an Org Chart

    Help your new hires get to know their colleagues and understand the structure of your organization with an org chart. There’s no better way to help newcomers foster strong connections and build bridges with the people that matter.

    Learning Library: All the Info in One Location

    When employees log into Bridge, they’ll immediately see their required courses in the intuitive Bridge Learning Library. There’s no need to navigate clunky software—with Bridge, your busy hires won’t get lost in their new learning environment!

    Keep an Eye on Early Progress With Bridge Analytics

    Stay on top of your employees’ onboarding progress thanks to Bridge’s easy-to-use analytics dashboard. Make sure your latest additions receive managerial support and hit their initial training goals with a highly customizable reporting structure.

    Employee Onboarding Commonly Asked Questions

    Bridge is packed with helpful features designed to amplify the benefits of strong onboarding. 

    The platform makes it easy to set up 1on1s between new hires and key stakeholders, allowing your managers and team members to quickly forge strong bonds with incoming employees. Bridge 1on1s allow managers and employees to add agenda items that new hires can access in advance, minimizing the natural anxieties that accompany those initial conversations. 

    Combine these meetings with goal-setting and career driver exercises and you’ll give your new hires a tailor-made start to the next stage of their careers, providing the ‘why’ behind the work they’re doing. By tying these individual goals to larger organizational objectives, you’ll find your starters will quickly begin to contribute to your culture and targets.

    You certainly can! 

    Bridge Journeys allows you to create fully configurable learning journeys that include employee-led, instructor-led, and evidence-based tasks delivered automatically and at appropriate intervals. There’s no need to overwhelm a new team member on day one with a deluge of training courses—spread out the onboarding process in a manageable and memorable way.

    Managers will find Journeys an elegant way to engage with new employees thanks to performance features like the ability to schedule 1on1 conversations into each new hire’s journey. By selecting the right 1on1 cadence, managers will ensure that they’re automatically plugged into each individual’s onboarding journey—even when faced with an influx of new hires and competing responsibilities.

    Bridge’s analytics features offer an array of ways to keep track of your new hires and make sure they’re getting to grips with your organization. With highly customizable reporting that allows you to filter by user groups, due dates, and course progression, you’ll gain instant insights into any new hires who may be struggling to keep up with the process.

    Similarly, Bridge Analytics provides access to a number of performance-related metrics, helping you to measure vital parts of the onboarding process like the frequency of manager-employee 1on1s. If a new hire is behind on their training, it’s easy to make sure they’re getting the peer and manager support they need to keep the onboarding process moving smoothly.

    You can also get a sense of how new employees are progressing by asking them! Thanks to Bridge’s handy employee engagement surveys, you’ll get a firm handle on how new hires are reacting to your onboarding process—and you’ll make newcomers feel heard too. 

    By recording and analyzing employee feedback, you can measure their engagement with onboarding and continuously fine-tune the way you welcome newcomers into your organization.

    Bridge gives you the ability to create smart groups, allowing you to efficiently manage large numbers of new hires.

    Specifying criteria like a range of hire dates will allow Bridge to automatically create smart groups. You can then use those groups to enroll substantial volumes of new hires en masse.

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