31 Activities To Get The Most Out Of Mental Health Month

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Welcome to May (I think, I’m never quite sure anymore). We’ve been practicing social distancing and isolation for a couple months now, but the days and weeks seem to blend together as we all feel the toll of the coronavirus in different ways.

I think back to the last time I was on a plane (boy, do I miss traveling). We’ve all heard it: “In case of emergency, please secure your own mask before assisting others.” We are instructed to help ourselves before we help others, it makes absolute sense. But do we give ourselves permission to prioritize our mental health, as we do our physical health? For me, the answer is… not as often as I should.

As a “people person”, prioritizing myself doesn’t fit the narrative. Thankfully, my company is full of leaders who are here to remind me to prioritize my wellbeing. After all, May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Bridge promotes connection, alignment, and growth both in and out of the workspace. 

Even the smallest things can have a major impact on mental health, so Bridge decided to put together 31 activities for employees to do each day of the month that will help us through this crazy work from home period. Everything from donating to a local charity, planning a virtual game night, or taking a cold shower (might be the hardest one on the list). We truly believe that People Matter Most and that a greater focus on mental health and well-being means happier, more engaged employees. 

So whether you’re wearing pants to work, or not (no judgment here), we hope you set aside the time to focus on yourself and join us for these daily activities.

31 Activities For Improved Mental Health

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