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Bridge is all about helping organizations create rich, rewarding L&D strategies, and on April 16, a select group of customers attended Bridge & Gomo Live UK, a one-day event at the Royal Institution in London. 

The event was co-hosted with Gomo Learning, our sister company and providers of our advanced eLearning authoring solution. The experience connected like-minded learning professionals from the UK and Europe, providing a space to learn best practices, get a glimpse of the latest product updates, and meet with peers.

Explore some of the highlights from the day, the insights shared, and how we’re continuing to meet evolving learning, development, and upskilling needs.

At a Glance: Bridge & Gomo Live UK

Our first customer event since 2019 brought Bridge and Gomo customers together to share their experiences, expand their networks, and learn from peers and our team of experts.


Hands-on workshops, Q&A sessions, and networking gave L&D pros the chance to swap strategies and success stories, preview what's ahead with product launches and roadmaps, and explore the "why" behind the Bridge and Gomo experience.


The event was about more than theory, and attendees left with actionable techniques and practices to maximize the impact of their learning solutions.


Here's a recap of key points, conversations, and what we learned.

Sharing a Vision for Organizational Success

President Peter Brussard opened by introducing Bridge's core vision and the transformative role that learning tech plays in organizational success.


He acknowledged that the greatest source of growth is your people, and by bringing learning, development, and upskilling together in one platform, you make this growth actionable. However, you also need access to compelling content and a way to efficiently publish and update it.


Peter emphasized that by continuing to invest in Bridge's suite of capabilities and strengthening the relationship between Bridge and Gomo, we're empowering organizational growth and enabling people to do more with fewer tools.


Within Bridge, you can help people identify skills and build personalized development plans, while directly publishing fully responsive, interactive eLearning content from Gomo to Bridge to develop these skills.

Bridge & Gomo Live UK

Putting Content at the Heart of Your Experience

Product Manager Simon Waldram then shared current focus areas and future product updates, emphasizing content creation and course management—a highly requested topic for the event.


Simon's experience working across Bridge and Gomo projects gave attendees an in-depth look at how content creation, management, and distribution work together within one seamless infrastructure.


Some of the simple and flexible features showcased included:

  • Creating content without design experience in the Bridge native authoring tool
  • Publishing interactive, responsive content directly to Bridge with Gomo’s advanced authoring capabilities
  • Advanced video creation and multimedia hosting via Bridge Advanced Video
  • Seamless third-party content integrations, such as LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, and OpenSesame
  • Custom integrations, webhooks, and APIs

Looking to the future, Simon shared how ongoing innovation will enable tighter integration between Bridge Advanced Video and Gomo, bringing advanced course and video creation closer together. 

Jeff Fissel, VP of Solutions from sibling company GP Strategies, then expanded on this subject. He highlighted how tapping into Bridge Advanced Video and Gomo’s combined capabilities within a single platform can take your strategies from one-size-fits-all to highly personalized. He showcased a range of offerings, including custom integrations in Bridge and Gomo, as well as off-the-shelf content options from partners to fill your content gaps.

Showcasing New and Upcoming AI Features

Unsurprisingly, AI was a hot topic of discussion throughout the day. Bridge and Gomo product experts demoed newly released AI features and gave attendees a first look at what's ahead for later in 2024.


Both Bridge and Gomo are motivated by a need to integrate AI meaningfully, streamline lengthy processes, and enhance learner outcomes. As the teams demonstrated, these ongoing innovations will help make the experience easier for admins and authors and enhance organizational upskilling and reskilling strategies.


The Gomo team familiarized new users with how current AI capabilities streamline processes, including the recently launched OpenAI integration, which assists authors with creating courses by generating content and translating individual assets.


Attendees got an exciting glimpse into some soon-to-be-released AI enhancements, including the ability to review content and learning objectives, as well as a look at multi-language translation for entire courses. In addition, they previewed skills-based AI enhancements that will assist with accurate and specific skills tagging, improving content discovery by generating titles and course descriptions.

Bridge & Gomo Live UK

Fostering Innovation Through Collaboration

Customers shared the topics they wanted to learn about before the event, helping us inform workshops and roundtables.


During the afternoon's interactive and collaborative sessions, Bridge and Gomo product experts shared in-depth knowledge and actionable advice on a range of subjects, such as skills development, learning analytics, and content creation. They were on hand during the sessions to answer questions and help customers get the most out of the platform.


But perhaps the greatest source of inspiration to attendees were their fellow L&D pros. During the afternoon's customer-led Q&A sessions, they enriched L&D experiences by providing solutions, answering questions, and exchanging information.


One long-term Gomo customer shared their knowledge of translating content with Gomo, while another led a session offering advice for using advanced interactive features to build visually engaging courses. These sessions were warmly received by attendees, and one shared the following feedback:

Just wanted to reach out and say thanks for the sessions on Tuesday. It was really valuable to meet everyone and get some real insight on Gomo as a new user.

Bridge & Gomo Live UK

Shaping the Future of Learning and Development

Our customers remain at the heart of everything we do as we innovate and evolve, and the event was a chance to hear the authentic voices of Bridge and Gomo users.


Attendees saw several upcoming features during the day, including skills analytics, enhancements to AI-generated content, and feedback improvements. To help us understand what to prioritize and to influence the direction of development, we captured feedback through polls and conversations with people throughout.


It was also a valuable opportunity for users to support each other by sharing their experiences and examples of the ways they use their learning, development, and upskilling capabilities. 


One notable example, our guests from Adwise, have previously discussed their experience in a customer story. They shared the role Bridge's all-in-one employee development software played in creating and deploying a comprehensive four-step L&D framework:

Bridge works well for us because we have a shared vision when it comes to people. Bridge says 'people matter most,' and we say 'people over profit': if we take care of our people, they'll take care of our clients—and success is sure to follow.

Tom De Haas, Learning and Development Manager at Adwise

Bridge & Gomo Live UK

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about Bridge’s suite of tools and how to leverage the combined power of Gomo and Bridge, contact us directly or request a demo.

Picture of Peter Brussard

Peter Brussard

​​Peter Brussard is a software executive with a long, demonstrable track record of more than 20 years of experience building software, leading teams and scaling revenue, he is currently the President and Managing Director of Bridge. His prior experience includes SVP Technology & Product Management at Instructure, SVP Product & Engineering at Rosetta Stone, and leadership roles at Microsoft and a variety of startups.

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