Digital learning transformation: What could that look like for my organisation?

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Instructure is passionate about learning

Here at Instructure, we are passionate about learning and our mission is making software that makes people smarter. 

Learning at Work Week is an annual UK-wide initiative that puts a spotlight on learning and development at work, and while lots of companies get involved each year, some avoid participation because they are unsure of how to tackle one of the top issues facing UK businesses today: employee engagement and retention. 

In the UK, only 30 percent of employees are actively engaged at work.

Engaged staff are also 87 percent less likely to leave their job. Smart organisations are moving away from traditional training methods and embracing digital learning systems because they can foster a happier and more engaged workforce. 

85 percent of UK L&D leaders have been tasked with improving business performance through learning strategies, and technology will play a significant role in achieving this. However, creating a digital learning environment doesn’t need to be complex or intimidating. 

Today’s workforce is increasingly mobile and your learning needs to be where your employees are. Learning should focus on what will work best for your employees who have adopted connected devices in their daily lives and will engage with courses on their phone better than in a classroom. 

Your employees live in a connected age where what they need is ready at all times and at their fingertips. Your learning content should be the same by making it personalised, accessible, relevant and available anytime and anywhere.

With a wealth of content, external sources of information, and depth of knowledge within your own organisation, you need to focus on the how of a digital learning strategy rather than the what. 

This is why we built Bridge. We recognised that our own employees wanted to learn from anywhere, and that formal learning paths didn’t resonate. They wanted to dip in and out as the knowledge need arose. 

Here at Instructure we believe that a strong culture of learning will transform your organisation and create more engaged employees who want to stay with your company.

We go into more detail on this topic in our Learning at Work Week Webinar Special: Why Move From Traditional Training Methods to Digital Learning? Click the link to find out more.

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