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We’re on a mission to end silos of learning and performance. Introducing the Bridge Learning + Performance eBook

We’re on a mission to end silos of learning and performance. Introducing the Bridge Learning + Performance eBook


A quick web search reveals that platforms that include both learning and performance are incredibly unusual. That search also indicates that platforms that do lump them together, still consider learning and performance as two completely unrelated entities. 

And therein lies the problem: learning and performance cannot and should not be separate.

 A recent survey by the Human Capital Institute revealed that 75% of leaders say that learning and performance are treated as two separate functions in their organization. That means that most organizations are missing the enormous benefits of bringing these two functions together to not only be best buddies but to also be so integral to every aspect of day-to-day organizational life that the word ‘seamless’ is applicable.

Learning has gained a reputation as being a necessary evil. It began with good intentions and then went meandering down a path of tick boxes, compliance frameworks, and organized by people who thought they knew what was needed. Frankly, the people in charge of performance were too busy with the responsibility of running the business. 

At this point, you’re either nodding your head in agreement, or you may need a little convincing about why learning and performance should be two sides of the same coin.

The Old Game


In the past, companies would buy an LMS tool to deliver compliance training, such as workplace harassment, safety, security, etc. While those are necessary must-haves for any company, that’s simply a tactical approach that checks a box but doesn’t provide any actual employee growth. 

Using an LMS only for compliance produces misalignment, mediocre engagement, low employee retention and high turnover, lesser performance, and skill stagnation in employees. 

Often, in misaligned workplaces, leadership and management confuse activity with results, equating 40 hours in a chair with 40+ hours of results. In misaligned companies, there is a lack of trust and accountability from both employees and management. This causes employees to feel disengaged and often feel like sitting at their desk is more important than what they’re doing with their time. 

Learning + performance are intricately linked in modern companies. So what is to be done about the disconnection, misalignment, and stagnation in a companies’ workforce? How do modern companies change the game and engage their employees with growth and motivation?

The New Game


According to the 2020 Workplace Learning Report, organizations prioritize providing learning tailored to the skills employees lack that ties to their career growth and development.  

They are offering frequent 1 on 1 and performance conversations that tie learning & performance together consistently. They are giving L&D and HR leaders access to shared, real-time insights so they can track performance and then tweak their strategy accordingly. In short, these organizations are providing context around learning and how it relates to more considerable development and growth activities. 

It’s vital to connect learning and performance with business strategy to ensure your programs are designed around the right outcomes. According to Training Industry, “Training is the cornerstone of an effective performance management strategy that enables active, ongoing communication.” 

Additional performance management trend research reinforces that the market is heading in the direction of one talent ecosystem for learning, performance, and career progression. Based on data from Gartner, Mercer, Gallup, BetterWorks, and HBR, “Feedback, learning & development, career progression, succession planning, and even recruitment could form a part of this new talent ‘ecosystem.’”

Learning and performance in the flow of work just make sense, and it matches the way your employees work as they learn new skills, test them out, get feedback, and improve them.

By investing in a better learning & performance experience for your people, you’ll unlock their potential for more significant achievements.

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