7 Memory Tricks From a Jeopardy! Jedi Master

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The old saying goes: elephants never forget. While this statement may be a bit of an exaggeration, they do have incredible recall power. Their massive minds help them remember almost everything. As for humans, we’re lucky if we remember where we parked when leaving the office. And even if our brains were as large as an elephant’s, we’d still fall way behind in the memory department. 

Here’s why: the entirety of known information doubles every 18 months. For our always-on world, a lot of that is celebrity baby bump news or even our Facebook newsfeeds. Still, it’s doubtful even Dumbo could process that much information at the same pace some millennials switch jobs and hairstyles.

The memory struggle is real (and so is the Employee Forgetfulness Index)

At Instructure, we conducted a survey of 1,000 employees to determine the Employee Forgetfulness Index. We then took the staggering stats of this survey and other research, then did our part to come up with a solution to our memory issues.  

What stats, you ask?

  • We forget about 70 percent of what we learn after a corporate training course within 24 hours.
  • For an organization with 1,000 employees, at least 10,000 hours are wasted answering questions previously discussed in training.  
  • 78 percent of survey respondents receive training quarterly, or even less frequently.

Translation: sporadic or one-and-done training just won’t cut it. 

‘Use it or lose it’ isn’t just a cliché

This old saying couldn’t be truer when it comes to training. Even the best e-learning courses can’t make all learning stick. Repetition is the key to keeping what you want your employees to remember stuck in their brains

Enter Bridge Retain. Like the name implies, this new feature of Bridge LMS is designed to help employees boost more than just their memories — like your bottom line. With Bridge Retain, learners are sent follow-up quizzes on a course topic to keep their minds sharp. 

And better yet, you can get a jump on boosting your memory with this free e-course.  

The Master Behind ‘Retain: 7 Tricks for Becoming a Memory Mastermind’

Bridge partnered with the man who’s crammed more trivia knowledge in his head than any of us could ever imagine — winner of 74 consecutive Jeopardy! games, Ken Jennings. Even if you haven’t watched the show, you’ve no doubt heard of this brainiac.

In this free online course, “Retain: 7 Tricks for Becoming a Memory Mastermind,” Ken shares some of the memory-boosting tactics that helped him take home more than $2.5 million in Jeopardy! winnings, including:

  1. How to build on what you already know  
  2. Where to look for knowledge (hint: skip the library)
  3. Four ways to always feel prepared and ready
  4. How to use mnemonic devices
  5. How to rehearse like a Jeopardy! boss
  6. Owning your weaknesses to overcome them
  7. The importance of curiosity

This free course is yours for the taking. So, what do you have to lose (besides more brainpower)? Take Retain: 7 Tricks for Becoming a Memory Mastermind today.

Or if you don’t need convincing that you and your team need Bridge Retain, sign up for a Bridge demo.

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