Bridge’s features are designed to empower simple, intuitive learning that’s delivered to your mobile, active employees, anywhere, anytime on any device. And Bridge provides you with real data and real insights about your employee’s learning, which can lead to real progress. Read more about our features below.


It’s time to jumpstart your training efforts with Bridge Retain. On average, learners forget 70 percent of what is taught within 24 hours. Bridge Retain empowers administrators to increase retention of their training long term.

off-the-shelf courses

20 developed customizable LMS training courses will help you out creating content.

robust reporting

Easy to read and digest. Actionable reporting. Helps be more responsive, more quickly. Measures the right things.


Bridge is easy to use. It’s simple, clean, and modern—plus it’s intuitive for admins, authors, and learners to use.

Anytime, Anywhere learning

Bridge is designed to facilitate employee learning, no matter where they are, on any device.

Learn from your learning

Well, Bridge provides you real data so you can answer critical questions before you formulate a plan or take action.

Here’s a Closer Look at What Bridge Can Do for You

Some things are just more important than others. Rate what matters most to you, and get an automated, personalized preview of relevant Bridge features.