How Bridge Makes It Easy to Teach New Skills


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Bridge President's Peter Brussard, speaking at Learning Technologies 2022 about how Bridge makes it easy to teach new skills.

Here is what Peter Brussard said during his conversation:

About a year ago, Bridge became part of Learning Technologies Group, and over the course of the year, we have been able to do remarkable things integrating existing technology and business knowhow from LTG to make bridge better and better. 

The first thing that we did was integrate their learning platform that focused on video, make that part of bridge so that there is now advanced video capabilities within bridge. This includes things like captioning, easy to share, etc. And then we’re also working on advanced authoring tools. 

One of bridge’s selling points is how easy it is to use. There’s always a small percentage of our customers who are really interested in much more elegant and complicated ways of creating learning content. And so we partnered with Gomo, which is another part of the LTG family, making that part of bridge and making it an exceptional way to advance author content, whether you want it to be simple or very, very advanced. 

We’ve always really focused on ease of use, making it accessible and ultimately making it something you want to use every day by having learning skills and performance all in a single platform, super accessible and easy to use. It allows companies, large and small, to be able to connect those dots and make effective learning programs for their organization. 

Our customers are challenged by the same thing. Most organizations are. They’ve had massive upheavals in the labor market, huge resignations, boomerangs, people coming back. 

Ultimately, what that means is you have a lot of new people who need to be onboarded, who need to be trained, who need to learn about your organization, whether they need to learn specific skills or general skills, how to sell your particular products, how to build the perfect latte, how to present whatever it is. There’s a skills gap. And when you go through a labor upheaval like we had with the great resignation, you hire new people and you have a disproportionate number of people who need to be trained. 

So with Bridge, we’re always focusing on making it easier for medium sized companies to train their workforce, whether they’re training their sales team, every employee, their engineers, whatever. The common thread across all of them is that they’re sort of overwhelmed by the complexity of this project and where bridge comes in. 

It’s very easy to use. It doesn’t require you don’t have to go to a three month training camp to know how to use it right out of the box. It’s something that any anyone can use. And as I said before, ultimately something that’s exciting for end users to actually use. So the customer, literally the employees are the ones who are logging in every day and actually feeling like they’re getting value out of the product.




Bridge is a learning and performance platform that transforms organizations by bringing together learning, skills and performance in one unified experience.

Table of Contents

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