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How to Implement Headache-free Compliance Training with Bridge

Previously hosted on Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Compliance training. It’s the unavoidable necessity that keeps our people, customers, and organizations safe and running smoothly. It's critical that this training is easy for learners, seamless for admins, and completion rates are readily available.

Key Takeaways (How to):

  • Automate and scale compliance training 
  • Easily upload, update, and create courses and programs
  • Report on course and program completion and easily share stakeholders
  • Go beyond mandatory training and build continual learning programs

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Mark has been a strategic leader in various learning technology organizations for over a decade. He brings his expertise from leading and developing teams at Instructure and Lumesse/Saba and LTG. Mark works with 100’s of organizations to help them implement their people-first L&D strategies by introducing talent and learning strategies that support connection, alignment, and growth plans in the face of hybrid and agile work.

Mark Probert

VP of Revenue

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