Bridge Journeys for Compliance Training: 5 Ways to Strengthen Your Training Programs

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Simplify compliance training with Bridge Journeys. Build learning pathways to automate reporting, keep up with changing requirements, and protect from risk.

Compliance training is a necessary part of any learning and development program, no matter your organization’s size or structure. This type of training typically consists of content centered around essential laws, regulations, and policies that keeps everyone safe and protected.

Considering how frequently these requirements change and an overall trend toward greater complexity, there’s no room for error. Being compliant demands timely distribution of information and updates, regular checks on whether processes are being followed correctly, and the juggling of multiple priorities to meet deadlines. You may be administering this training today manually, or with another outdated LMS. 

Bridge Journeys saves you significant time when delivering and managing compliance training and can create learning habits that go beyond “box-checking” exercises.

How Bridge Journeys Makes Compliance Training Simple

Bridge Journeys puts the power in your hands. It’s an elegant way to manage and automate complex learning and development paths, control how and when courses are delivered, and simplify the workflow with customizable building blocks. You can easily assign content pathways constructed of employee-led, instructor-led, and evidence-based training. Journeys creates engaging and impactful experiences, delivering relevant information at the right time.

What’s really impressed me is that 100% of our learners are completing their learning, which I had never seen before in my career. That’s just amazing. Bridge makes it so easy to learn.

Jim Page Head of Learning and Talent Development - Catalant Technologies

How to Build Successful Compliance Training Programs With Bridge Journeys

Using Bridge Journeys to manage learning and development is a fast and straightforward way to fulfill your organization’s essential and time-sensitive compliance obligations.

Here are five ways Bridge Journeys can take care of compliance:

1) Space Out Compliance Training

Learners can get overwhelmed when they’re assigned too many courses at once, especially when faced with complex technical, legal, or safety-related information. Journeys addresses this challenge and creates manageable, well-paced experiences focused on a single action at a time.

By breaking course content down to the basics and spacing out steps, you reduce the risk of learners getting bogged down or overwhelmed trying to pick through complicated materials. With complete control to schedule actions on a specific date, after a delay, or make them available immediately, and to choose the order of steps, learners will feel confident and in control. Delaying steps also gives people time to complete training and digest information. 

Each pathway is fully customizable, elegantly weaving elements from the Bridge platform together to create short and focused bursts of training. Journeys can be tied together and include formal and informal learning elements such as courses, programs, and live training sessions. To persuade people to take action you could add checkpoints, performance-based feedback, and one-on-ones. This will enable employees to connect with managers and peers, share knowledge, and discuss progress.

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2) Keep Learners On Track With Deadlines

With Bridge Journeys there’s no need to rely on spreadsheets or calendars to stay on top of certification dates and renewals—automated expiry and re-enrollment will reassign learners to training ahead of time. With the freedom to edit, modify, and schedule courses into the future, you can “set it and forget it”, safe in the knowledge that the ideal group of learners will get their desired material at the most opportune time.

Simply set users on a pathway, and Journeys will handle the rest. Once learners are enrolled, schedule reminders for upcoming due dates, set prompts for learners who need to retake assessments, and automate alerts for overdue courses. This way, nothing is ever forgotten. Then access a wealth of insights with Journeys Analytics, using configurable reporting filters to cover all bases, from individual and group progress completion rates, to active enrollments and pass rates.

Setting compliance paths helps to keep training front of mind for employees too. By sending emails and push notifications about upcoming deadlines and new steps to complete or simply nudging them if it’s been a while since their last login, Journeys keeps everyone on track without the need for constant monitoring.

3) Streamline Compliance Training Time

When learners need certification before they can be allowed to start working or they need to learn industry or organization-specific complexities, time is precious. 

Breaking content down to basics and delivering it in small chunks provides learners with the information they need to make an impact without getting bogged down in the details. You can also import existing content or harness the power of eLearning authoring to create SCORM-compliant courses that engage, resonate, and drive the best results. And for a more hands-on experience, use quizzes, simulations, and skills assessments at key points, all within assigned pathways. 

Once learners are enrolled, they’ll be directed to their required courses via email or a shareable URL, where they can see their timeline and tasks in a single easy-to-use dashboard. That means no time wasted learning how to use the platform—Journeys is simple to use and navigate right from the start ! This is especially useful for onboarding new starters and delivering easily-accessible training to external learners.

Using smart groups allows you to manage large numbers of learners easily. Once added to a group, employees will automatically be assigned a set pathway of content that meets their unique needs.

4) Manage Multiple Compliance Courses With Smart Groups

It’s more than likely that every employee within your organization requires compliance training. However, that doesn’t mean their needs are the same. For some, fulfilling mandatory requirements means recognizing risk, minimizing exposure, or having a thorough knowledge of industry regulations, while others will have roles and responsibilities directly affected by those regulations. Employees dispersed across different states or countries that adhere to different rules and policies also have unique needs that must be accounted for.

The flexibility and utility of Journeys means greater control over the timescale of content delivery. Using Bridge smart groups allows you to manage large numbers of learners easily. Set criteria such as location, department, or seniority, and enroll learners based on specific needs. Once added to a group, employees will automatically be assigned a set pathway of content that meets their unique needs.

By rolling out training to large numbers of users or groups at once, you can run multiple curriculums to keep learners compliant, deliver live training to multiple groups, or roll out updates to specific learners. 

It’s also a handy way to set the cadence of training. Your new hires must complete compliance and mandatory training within their first few months. Existing employees will retake courses to meet regulatory requirements and standards over an extended period. In this case, you can leverage the same steps within different workflows and ensure training goes out to the relevant groups at the right time.

In industries and organizations where compliance laws and regulations evolve and change, keeping your people up to date is a must. Bridge Journeys enables you to swiftly respond to compliance updates as they occur without interrupting the workflow.

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5) Create, Update, and Roll Out Compliance Training With Ease

In industries and organizations where compliance laws and regulations evolve and change, staying informed is essential for the success of your team. Fast-changing updates and shifting priorities call for information to be delivered quickly with minimal disruption to daily operations.

Bridge Journeys enables you to swiftly respond to compliance updates and changes as they occur without interrupting the workflow. Within the Journeys dashboard, admins and managers can amend existing steps to update information or create and publish a new action. There’s no need to reassign learning, as users will see new or edited content within their timelines as it’s rolled out.

Get Bridge for Your Compliance Training Programs

Compliance training is an ongoing and sometimes complex process. Bridge streamlines processes to increase efficiency, freeing time and resources while enabling greater knowledge retention. 

Existing Bridge users can find Journeys within the ‘Author’ menu to build, manage, and access a wealth of learner insights. 

If you’re not currently using Bridge, get in touch to see Journeys for yourself and find out how our learning and performance management tools can streamline your compliance training.


Sarah Meneses

Sarah Meneses

Sarah has spent the last ten years in the learning space, including K-12, Higher Education and Professional Learning. Before that, she was a competitive gymnastics coach, where she first learned that having challenging, personalized conversations with her high-level athletes was the single most important thing in guiding them towards success in competition and in life. Sarah has brought that passion for leadership and coaching into the corporate learning space, where she leverages technology to help managers lead and develop their teams.

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