Skill & Career Development

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Skill & Career Development

Help employees develop the skills they need for career development and growth.

Discover employee’s “why”

Keep employees engaged: help them identify what drives and motivates them with the Career Drivers exercise.

Bridge Career Drivers

Discover employee’s “why”

Keep employees engaged: Help them identify what drives and motivates them with the Career Drivers exercise.

Map employee career vision

Where do employees want to go in their careers? What roles do they want? What skills do they need to get there? Use Bridge career management tools to map it!

Take skill development planning tactical

Next, it’s time to get tactical and create customized development plans to help employees meet their career vision.

Link skill feedback to development

Get skill feedback from managers and peers to quickly identify training gaps and growth opportunities on an individual and team level.

Tailor skill assessments to job role

Keep assessments tied to the employee’s specific role and related competencies to get more accurate insight into performance.

Access skill mastery data in one click

Get a high-level view of what skill mastery looks like as a company, or by team. Using these insights, you’ll be empowered to tailor your learning and performance efforts in order to more effectively achieve business goals.

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What makes Bridge different from other HR platforms? Many things, but chief among them: Bridge puts the employee experience first. Read this report to learn how Bridge can help you reach new levels of business success by building an employee-centric culture.

Skill & Career Development features

Bridge Skill & Career Development helps organizations close the skills gap by uncovering which skills are lacking, delivering impactful learning to improve those skills, and helping employees articulate and achieve their career visions.

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Career vision

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