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Introducing Advanced eLearning Authoring

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An organization that makes employee learning and development an integral part of its mission is one that will thrive. As part of Bridge’s continuing mission to make your L&D experience better, we’re excited to announce that Gomo, the award-winning cloud-based eLearning authoring tool, is now available as part of Bridge’s suite of tools.

Introducing Gomo

Gomo is an eLearning authoring tool that’s both powerful and easy to use. Its cloud-based authoring software encourages collaborative working (course creation as well as reviewing!) while allowing content to be updated quickly and distributed instantly.

Instinctive and Efficient Builds with Drag-and-Drop Content

With intuitive drag-and-drop content, you’ll find that building your learning programs is both easy and efficient. Gomo is responsive, which makes for a stress-free UX and with its design adaptability, you can have true multi-device learning every time.

Easy Delivery with Instant Content Updates

All eLearning courses produced in Gomo are automatically stored and managed in the cloud. This makes it easy to collaborate, update, and distribute courses.

A Choice of Pre-Made Style Templates That Are Easy to Customize

You’re in control of every aspect of the authoring, right down to the style, so it’s simplicity itself to integrate your branding into the experience.

Interactive Features to Engage Learners

Capture your learner’s imagination, boost engagement, and increase uptake with dynamic content. From interactive images to quizzes, learning can become an active experience.

How does Gomo compare to other advanced authoring tools?

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