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Your business needs
Bridge Learn.*

*Unless you’re uninterested in smarter, better, more productive people.

What is Bridge Learn?

Train. Retain. Engage. A lot is asked of companies today when it comes to employee development. Luckily, Bridge Learn is an LMS platform that can help you do it all. Identify (and bridge) skills gaps. Grow employees and your business at the same time. And, yes, train, retain, and engage with software that’s insightful, outcome-driven, and that your employees will actually enjoy using.

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Build a learning strategy that works.

Easy-to-Use &
Robust Platform

Bridge Learn is built with the goal of being the most intuitive and easy-to-use learning platform, without skimping on features. Our user experience and adaptability ensure that it actually gets used (and hopefully loved) by everyone in your organization.


Whatever your business’s strategy, Bridge Learn matches up. Easily import current learning content with our import tool. Quickly create new content with our authoring tool. Or use pre-existing content from Bridge Content Services’ library of resources. It’s up to you.


How can you plan for your company’s future without really understanding your most important resource: your people? You can’t. So, leverage our data insights to answer critical questions about your people, your company, and your goals.


Your workplace and its challenges are constantly changing. Bridge Learn is built to keep pace with changing trends and customer feedback so you always have relevant, up-to-date features.

Bridge is designed to empower simple, intuitive performance management and learning that’s delivered to your mobile, active employees, anywhere, anytime on any device.

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All things performance management, learning management, human capital management.

If it’s a relevant buzzword (like the mouthful above), we’ll dig up an article, case study, white paper, webinar, or other e-learning thing in our Learning Center to keep your finger on the pulse of talent management (there’s another buzzword!).

Don’t just learn. Perform!

What if you could fill your business with x-factors and MVPs? Bridge Perform is designed to help you do just that, starting with a complete reimagination of the manager-employee relationship. It helps make engagement, goals, and actionable learning more than just corporate buzzwords; they become difference-makers for the difference makers(see also: x-factors, MVPs, unicorns) in your company.

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