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Bridge Perform helps you develop, retain, and promote MVPs.

What is Bridge Perform?

Bridge Perform helps you reimagine the manager-employee dynamic. How? Build relationships through continuous feedback and directed 1:1s. Gather valuable data to help make critical business decisions. And do it all with performance management software that connects with your people in a more meaningful way, identifies skill gaps, and provides them a clear path to success. And that leads to happier employees, which leads to better work, which leads to better business.

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Here’s how Bridge Perform makes a difference:

1:1 Development

Our 1:1 tools facilitate ongoing, frequent interactions between managers and employees. By fostering ongoing learning and mentoring, you can shift the focus away from a yearly review to a culture of continuous employee development. This also allows managers to be more hands-on in an employee’s development and gives employees more of a voice in the process.


Top talent creates better companies. Automatically generated from 1:1s and other Bridge activity, the Employee Timeline allows employees and managers to see a more comprehensive view of performance. Over time, you’ll chart growth, engagement with managers, learning opportunities, achievements, and more.


You can’t plan for your company’s future without insight into your most basic resource: your people. Leverage our Data Insights to answer critical questions about your people, company, and goals through granular data collected anytime there’s a manager-employee meeting. That’s difference-making data.


Your workplace and the challenges you face are constantly changing, that's why Bridge Perform is built to be updated as trends change and customer feedback dictates in order to always provide you with relevant, up-to-date features.

Bridge is designed to empower simple, intuitive performance management and learning that’s delivered to your mobile, active employees, anywhere, anytime on any device.

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All things performance management, learning management, human capital management.

If it’s a relevant buzzword (like the mouthful above), we’ll dig up an article, case study, white paper, webinar, or other e-learning thing in our Learning Center to keep your finger on the pulse of talent management (there’s another buzzword!).

Don’t just perform. Learn!

Train. Retain. Engage. Bridge Learn is an LMS platform that can help you do it all. Identify (and bridge) skills gaps. Grow employees and your business at the same time. All with software that’s insightful, outcome-driven, and employees actually enjoy using.

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