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Your organization’s greatest asset is its managers. They can be the make-or-break moment for company performance, retention and overall employee engagement. Give them a tool that helps them become the best at what they do. Bridge has industry-leading skills management software that includes employee development plans, skills-based learning recommendations, and the ability to collect feedback for continuous performance conversations. 

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What Managers Can Do With Bridge

Skills Feedback

Employees can request skills feedback from others. Managers can use this information to provide input outside of regular performance management cycles, and view skills coverage reports.

Skills Communities

Build engagement and make it easier for employees to find subject matter experts, mentors, and collaborators. Employees can find skill communities and see who is willing to mentor them on a specific set of skills.

Learning Suggestions

When employees identify the skills they want to build, Bridge will suggest learning courses based on their development plan. Learning recommendations can also made based on job titles.

Development Plans

Development plans create a framework that employees and their managers can use to talk about career growth and goal planning. Employees can select three skills to focus on, and then enroll in learning to build those skills.

Manager Enablemetn

Bridge has an industry-leading learning management system. Easily create, deliver, and track manager training programs. Measure enrollment and completion rates and monitor course engagement.

AI-Based Skills

To motivate employees, Bridge AI tapes into a massive library of over 30k skills and will identify the types of skills people should have based on their job titles, based on the skills of others with similar job titles. 

Manager Enablement FAQs

Yes! Bridge gives you an overview of which skills you have at your organization and helps identify gaps on an organization-wide, team, or individual level.

Bridge is partnered with Lightcast, a global leader in labor market data.

Yes! Employees can request feedback from their peers at any time, promoting a collaborative culture of continuous feedback.

Bridge comes pre-populated with a comprehensive market-driven skills library powered by Lightcast, but you are able to add custom skills if they aren’t available.

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Personalized learning is a top priority for us and the ability for employees to add skills to their profile helps us enable that. Because we’re a healthcare organization I wasn’t sure if all of our skills were going to be included, but we’ve never had a problem finding a skill.

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