Learning + Performance: Better Together

Empowering organisations to create a culture of connection, alignment and growth. Because, above all else, people matter most.


Learning + Performance: How Bridge is Leading the Way

Empowering organisations to create a culture of connection, alignment and growth. Because, above all else, people matter most.

Today is a big day here at Bridge. COVID-19 has shuttered our offices for the foreseeable future, changing the way we work and communicate (and making us really miss being together). Yet we’ve continued doing what we do best: building product experiences that help organisations put people first.

We have spent countless hours listening to our customers, future customers, HR and L&D leaders and market analysts, trying to better understand the uniqueness and complexity of their challenges, especially amidst a time of global unrest and rapid change. What we discovered initially was not at all new–that these leaders are responsible for solving vastly difficult challenges, such as up-skilling remote teams, building and maintaining cultures of collaboration and communication, onboarding new employees with closed offices and, most importantly of all, putting the mental health and wellbeing of employees first.

But that isn’t all. Unfortunately, we’re seeing that too many leaders in these vital employee-facing roles are driving these initiatives in completely disparate and siloed ways, as evidenced by the fact that, 75% of leaders say that learning and performance are two separate functions in their organisations led by different executives who rarely interact.

For us, learning and performance are inseparable, interconnected, and most importantly, better together. That’s why today, I’m excited to announce the launch of the Bridge Learning + Performance platform – built for turning continuous learning, performance reviews, career development and employee engagement into one seamless experience for employees, managers and business leaders – a purposeful strategy toward continuous conversations.

In addition, we’re thrilled to announce that for the first time in Bridge’s history, you can now find our pricing on our new website, right out in the open. Transparency is vital in creating relationships of trust and we hope this change makes it that much easier for our customers to find information about who we are and what we do.

Here at Bridge, in everything that we do we aim to enable our customers to create a culture of connection, alignment, and growth for their organisations. Because, above all else, people matter most.

Stay safe.