SoftwareReviews Recognizes Bridge as a Leader In Creating Customer Value

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Explore feedback from SoftwareReviews' Buyer Experience Report to see why customers value Bridge's service, LMS, and what makes them keep coming back.

Info-Tech’s SoftwareReviews has named Bridge a Leader in its 2022 Buyer Experience Report for Learning Management

The report uses customer data about experiences with providers and products to help buyers choose solutions that offer long-term satisfaction.

A 79% user satisfaction score for business value created illustrates Bridge’s continued commitment to customer experience and product innovation. Results also show that:

  • 92% love using Bridge
  • 97% plan to renew their license
  • 85% consider Bridge as critical to their success

Where Bridge Leads In Customer Satisfaction

In addition to creating software value, Bridge was awarded an overall Net Emotional Footprint Score of +90% as a result of positive customer feedback. This result places Bridge among the top LMS providers and shows the strength of vendor-client relationships.

The Emotional Footprint measures customer satisfaction based on emotional responses to factors such as reliability, trustworthiness, and ability to innovate. Scores reveal strength of feeling toward product vendors.

Customers expressed 25 emotional sentiments covering five areas of their experience:

  • Strategy and innovation
  • Service experience
  • Product experience
  • Negotiation and contract experience
  • Conflict resolution

Here are some of the sentiments customers shared about their experiences and feedback about why they recommend Bridge:

Caring and Respectful Service

Bridge averaged 94% positive feedback for service experience, as customers across the board rate the service ‘caring’, ‘respectful’, and ‘efficient.’

Bridge is great in any situation. They offer support by email, telephone, and an online knowledge base.

Maryam Bridge End User

Customers have consistently great experiences with the Bridge team, as 99% express positive views about their interactions and relationships. Effective and knowledgeable interactions were reported with sales and client services teams, product specialists, and leaders.

The user and admin experiences are terribly intuitive, with fast responses to most support requests. Once you call their help desk, you get a person that’s empowered to assist with deep knowledge of the product. They’re as responsive as any client I actually have ever experienced.

Amanda Business Leader

Performance and Productivity Enabling Services

Bridge’s learning, development, and engagement tools are designed to support and enhance organizational culture through connection, alignment, and growth. A testament to this mission is the 94% measured on product experience. 

Customers rate Bridge for the reliable features that enable productivity and enhance performance. They also shared positive feedback about security protection and Bridge’s unique features.

Bridge is an excellent LMS solution for our company and provides a simple approach to training. They do this through an integrated platform that allows training and advice to be carried out remotely, keeping sales staff in the field and making the most of managers' time. The tools are really useful and easy to use.

Antonio Engineering Business Manager

Trustworthy and Client-Friendly Processes

Bridge bore out its “people-first” ethos in the Emotional Footprint, as 91% of customers, on average, experience ongoing support that’s ‘trustworthy’, ‘fair’, and ‘altruistic.’ This includes high levels of appreciation for conflict resolution and friendly negotiation.

The support you receive in ramping up to going live is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced within the world of learning management systems. I’ve worked for two alternative organizations and wherever I oversaw the creation of recent content, and Bridge, hands-down, has all the bases covered.

Porter IT Business Leader

About Bridge

Bridge is a learning platform that combines learning management, performance management, career development, and engagement measurement into one experience. Bridge’s award-winning LMS helps organizations deliver modern and engaging learning experiences. Our software gives you the simplicity and flexibility to create, catalog, and scale learning and organizational knowledge for internal teams and external partners. With integrated performance management tools, you can align learning to skills development and employee growth, deliver and track customized training, and boost engagement and retention to enable even greater success.

Bridge’s learning and development culture is built on three principles: connection, alignment, and growth. This people-centric philosophy works hand-in-hand with our tools to create a truly modern learning and development experience.

As part of Learning Technologies Group plc (LTG), Bridge provides learning and development services to over 1,000 mid-market companies worldwide and gives organizations the power to achieve their strategic goals.

To find out more, visit our website.

About Software Reviews

With practical advisory services and a data-driven approach, SoftwareReviews’ mission is to improve the B2B software experience for all software buyers and providers.

SoftwareReviews’ pragmatic tools and detailed customer insights help software buyers maximize success with their technology decisions. SoftwareReviews collects the most in-depth customer review data from both business and IT professionals to shorten the time to decision and action for software purchasers and improve overall buyer satisfaction.

Combining deep buyer knowledge and experience, SoftwareReviews’ go-to-market practice helps technology providers better understand customer needs and accelerates planning and execution of go-to-market and product strategy.

SoftwareReviews is a division of Info-Tech Research Group, a world-class technology research and advisory firm with over two decades of research-based IT advice and technology implementation.

Visit SoftwareReviews to find out more.

Nichole Marconi

Nichole Marconi

Nichole is Vice President of Marketing for Bridge. For more than 20 years, Nichole has led marketing initiatives that propelled revenue growth and brand awareness. Her experience comes from a variety of organizations, vertical industries and company sizes. Prior to her role at Bridge, she built the direct-to-consumer brand for ATD, one of the largest automotive suppliers in North America. Nichole specializes in digital marketing strategies and gets excited about unifying cross-functional teams to create momentum and growth.

Table of Contents

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